LoanTech: The Surest Platform for Crowdlending

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LoanTech: The Surest Platform for Crowdlending
Photo: LoanTech

Want to get a great opportunity to build a stable passive income portfolio for yourself through crowdlending? Then LoanTech is just what you need.

It offers you the chance to receive an indefinite return of 3% from any loan investment you make on the platform and this will be paid on a daily basis. Sounds great, right?

In addition to this, the platform has a provision that allows you to access the loan principal. With this feature, you can withdraw as much as 34% of the loan principal.

LoanTech: The Surest Platform for Crowdlending

Photo: LoanTech

However, you need to be patient as there is a minor catch to this. Before you can lay hands on either a part or total of the 34% loan principal, you’ll have to exercise patience for a period of 22 days, beginning from when you placed the loan. But this is done not in order to make you wait. It is needed to protect the principal and to ensure it isn’t lost because, quite frankly, its break-even time, which is set at 22 days, is a short one.

LoanTech Offers 3% Daily Return and Lucrative 10-15% Affiliate Program

LoanTech has put in place an appealing affiliate program to help its members increase their earnings. The affiliate program is of two levels, level 1 and level 2 active affiliates.

LoanTech: The Surest Platform for Crowdlending

Photo: LoanTech

Here is how it works and how you can earn if you participate in it.

The level 1 active affiliate receives a commission income that ranges from 10-15% depending on how much loan is invested. Below is the breakdown:

For the 10% commission income, the loan invested must be at least $10.

For the 12% commission income, the loan invested must be at least $500.

For the 15% commission income, the loan invested must be at least $3000.

On the other hand, the level 2 active affiliate earns a 2% commission income. Those in this category are sub-referrals.

Members who attain “special” statuses are entitled to additional rewards ranging from 100-$500.

The Commitment of LoanTech

But you should also know that LoanTech is not in business just for the sake of providing loans to those who need it or to help lenders create a nice passive income portfolio, but also to chart a new course for the industry through the introduction of new standards that are aimed at leading industry participants to a mutually beneficial solid financial future. With the OTC technology as part of the platform’s framework, members are assured of an indefinite profit-making system with LoanTech.

Speaking about the project, the LoanTech team stated:

“We are delighted to present before you this exceptional crowdlending service of remarkable quality with an intuitive, simple interface driven by complicated & perpetual background interplay, much like a classic timepiece.”

LoanTech has ensured that its credit mediation system is top-notch and with a long list of OTC brokers, for the sake of diversification, LoanTech is taking steps that will guarantee that its members continue to enjoy maximum profit margins even in worst-case scenarios.

Now, the question is, how soon do you want your passive income portfolio set up? 

If your answer is “right away,” then head over to LoanTech’s website to register now in order to start earning as early as today and receive your first earning tomorrow. Join here.