«Majestic Bears» NFT Collection from Dutch-Morroccan Artist Peter Dennelis

February 3rd, 2022 at 1:59 pm UTC · 6 min read

The virtual landscape is marked by the everchanging infinite technological advances and to keep up with trends artists like Peter Dennelis have adapted their art to scale the Metaverse.

Peter told us:

“I’ve been hearing about NFT for several months now, on the networks, on TV, on YouTube, I’ve been hearing the word NFT everywhere but without really knowing what it was. Every week we see a new big star who buys a Bored ape and changes his profile picture. So, I was always intrigued by NFT, but it was still something vague for me. A few months ago I went back to Miami to attend the art Basel, which is a contemporary art exhibition that is held every year and I met Julien who is the co-founder of Majestic Bears. He has been in the NFT space since the beginning and taught about this world new world of art. I immediately fell in love with his personality, he was looking for an artist for his collection and so little by little we thought we could launch a project together”.

Peter graduated from The Massachusetts School of Art, his diverse heritage Moroccan Dutch allows him to combine multicultural energies and a vibrant synergy when it comes to the multiple layers required to create an NFT. His NFTs are unique and show his passion for art and life.

As an integral part of a select team of creatives Peter is using his talent to bring unique NFTs into the Metaverse. Non-fungible tokens are works of digital art that bring art into the virtual world and make it available to crypto art collectors.

Peter told an interviewer:

“My NFT art is inspired by the people and the energy that surrounds me, this is the ethos that I use to create. It comes from a place within my soul where an idea emanates from, the idea forms a story and evokes feelings which I fashion into my art. NFT has given me the ability to layer my art in a way that a static medium never would be able to”.

Peter’s experience of over a decade has involved him in exciting Hollywood films such as Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom, circa 2018. Creating creatures under direction of renowned English Production Designer Andy Nicholson was an experience where Peter could see how his designs came to life.

Seeing concept art is not new to Peter, after working with Kate Hawley, costume designer for Suicide Squad he went on to work on the Steven Spielberg film, “Ready Player One” with Production Designer Adam Stockhausen. Peter said:

“Working in Hollywood is an experience that any artist would strive for but creating your own art and having it available globally and across many digital platforms is by far the most inspiring”.

Magnificent Majestic Bears

Our goal to revolutionize the Metaverse started with the concept of Majestic Bear NFTs, after getting unbelievable feedback on our artwork from the digital community we decided to turn our vision into a reality – starting with the Majestic Bears collection.

This unique collection of crypto art that consists of 8888 limited edition bears is designed by Peter Dennelis and a team of select artists. We will be releasing legendary Bears 1/1 NFTs and everyone on our Discord will have a chance to own a randomly assigned piece of original art.

The hype that already exists in the digital community has led to new investors joining this elite group of tech savvy individuals. The digital landscape is traversed by a group of people that understand the paradigm shift in the world. To some the digital platforms, crypto art and cryptocurrency is beyond comprehension, but to the trendsetters the virtual space is the only space that exists.

It is a space that combines dimensions and makes you a part of the future. Owning your own NFT gives keeps your virtual identity across all platforms.  In the Metaverse you become your NFT and your NFT encompasses your being.

Each Majestic Bear is designed using the same creative process and quality control that you have come to expect from our creative designer team. From the tiny details of facial expressions your bespoke bear in the NFT collection will encapsulate your personality.

The world of crypto art recognizes quality, and we provide that quality to our believers. The Majestic Bear collection will be available for the public mint and will give all members the opportunity to be a part of this future.

All the Majestic Bears NFTs will be equipped for full use in the Metaverse and supported by our high-quality 3D design will give you the ability to use your NFT specifically for your purposes.

Appreciation Day – We Give Back to Bears

Not only are we giving back to our digital community in the form of NFTs, but we are also giving back to bears.

To commemorate the unveiling of all 8888 unique Majestic Bears NFTs we will also give financially to the polar bears in the islands of the Canadian Arctic.

Majestic Bears will be donating $ 50 000 to a polar bear charity on the day of the reveal. These funds will be used specifically to improve and protect the endangered polar bears of the region.

The Majestic Family

Once word spread in the digital community that we intended to conquer the NFT world, starting with the creation of the Majestic Bear collection, our Discord was flooded with requests.

Collectors who know the high standard of our 3D designs and team of designers inundated us with personal requests to create their favorite animals. Peter and the incredible team that includes our directors decided that we cannot let our community down. With this in mind, we have decided to design and develop additional NFTs to be used in the Metaverse and for gaming. Majestic Bears will be the first reveal, but the family will grow to incorporate Majestic Animals and Majestic Creatures that will each benefit the original Majestic Bears and their holders.

The blockchain system establishes a digital pattern of ownership, a provenance that leaves no space for counterfeits, this guarantees the authenticity of the NFT and is verifiable should the owner wish to sell his NFT.

Hootsuite, the digital global leader in social media management has released their global findings on social media platforms for 2022. Findings show that there are over 4.6 billion social media users currently with an exponential increase of over 10% annually. This translates into digital art becoming more accessible than ever before. Art in its former mediums such as paintings, sculptures and photographs was only available to a select few.

The advent of NFT has changed the global art landscape. Buying digital art is now an attainable goal that gives users infinite creative scope over personal use of their owned NFT in the Metaverse and on digital platforms.

Majestic Bears is a collection of 8888 NFTs, a finite number with one centerpiece adding to the rarity of each collection. Initial collectors will be in possession of a futuristic work of art that has value to a rare community of NFT collectors and part of the global community that aspires to the decentralization of crypto governance and decentralized finance.

Conclusive proof that this is the future and not a fad.