Real Businesses Take Off to CryptoSpace: KICKICO Welcomes on Board 3 Large ICO Campaigns

October 2nd, 2017 at 12:36 pm UTC · 5 min read

KICKICO, an undeniable success story in the evolving world of blockchain investing, who raised more than 84 000 ETH during its 2-weeks ICO and now listed in top-3 Russian ICOs, moves forward with seven league steps – already in October three huge ICO campaigns are ready to take off to CryptoSpace.

Campaigns will be launched both on their lendings and on KICKICO, in the last case, KICKICO’s backers have privileges. Buying tokens of one of the projects on KICKICO platform, backers will get 2 cryptocurrencies -– tokens of the campaign and 8 per cent of KICK tokens calculated from overall payment.

KICKICO team did a major step none of fundraising platform does – KICKICO team personally met with the teams, with the projects’ creators, KICKICO carefully examined the projects itselves and now it can сlaim with a clear conscience – teams and authors are real and “HOT” (Honest, Open and Transparent) – all what mostly describes KICKICO’s principles and what favours the community. Most of them have many years of offline experience on the field of their project and now they are striving to become blockchain pioneers in their industry.


Participants of KICKONOMY and the first “HOT” Star is STORIQA. It is a new project brought to you by the co-founder of the popular BoomStarter Platform. They are far not the strangers in blockchain, they have expertise how this markets work, no doubts they perform all the planned with their newbie. STORIQA is aimed at the creation of all manner of e-commerce shops in which customers can use cryptocurrencies, including their own STQ token, to pay for all goods and services.

STORIQA’s goal is to provide a peer-to-peer network which will allow consumers to connect with producers from all over the globe. That means that with STQ tokens, you can buy millions of real commodities from anywhere in the world. And, since it is peer-to-peer, it is as if you are standing in front of the seller himself, no middlemen, no extra fees! STORIQA is bringing e-commerce to a whole new level.

Besides being the part of KICKONOMY, they will accept KICK tokens, provide specials offers, give discount to KICK holders. There is a 24hr ONLY Pre-ICO is scheduled for October 12th, 2017 so get your Ethereum ready! Then, the regular ICO will begin on October 25th and run until completion or October 31.

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Uh-Oh! Bad karma for grocery retailers! The star disrupting the grocery industry called INS is rising. Established by the team with 50+ years of the collective experience in the grocery industry, INS is creating a decentralized ecosystem that will enable consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers bypassing retailers, therefore saving up to 30% on their everyday shopping.

INS encourages manufacturers to promote and sell their products directly to consumers and request their valuable feedback, while leveraging the decentralized blockchain-powered consumer-to-manufacturer interaction to allow for a more personalized and trustworthy grocery shopping experience at significantly lower prices.

INS has received strong support and signed agreements with some of the largest grocery manufacturers in the world. The INS team has developed a roadmap which covers everything from developing robust and scalable software to facilitate the order fulfillment process to sales and marketing campaigns to attract broad audiences of consumers and manufacturers of all sizes from local farmers to large multinational grocery manufacturers to join the INS ecosystem.

The INS token will constitute the means of exchange within the platform – on a par with fiat money and traditional crypto-currencies – as well as entitle its users to exclusive discounts, promotions and bonuses! Get ready for INS pre-ICO coming up on October 16th, while ICO gears up on November 20th.

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One more participants of KICKONOMY – “HOT” star SquarEx. SquarEx is the first full cycle ecosystem for real estate developers and investors based on blockchain technology. It uses smart contracts and covers every stage of construction process – from developers’ documentation to lease, mortgage and completion.

SquarEx technological solution allows to enable everyone to become a property owner, using cryptocurrency. Moreover, there is no set minimum amount of investment, bureaucracy or fraud risk, and investors are able to get their profits in fiat money. SQUAREX aims to collect 200 000 ETH during its token sale. Dates of token sale are already announced: preICO starts on November 18th and completes on December 1. ICO is planned for December 10 and will last till January 10.

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The KICKICO Team is very proud to bring each of these bright and shining stars to its CryptoBoard and urge the community, that it makes sure every campaign is “HOT” (Honest, Open, and Transparent). Join the CryptoSpace board pick your lucky star in the most nearest future.

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