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RRMine Described by the CEO DR. Steve Tsou – Featured on Kron TV at ‘Innovators Show’

July 24th, 2020 at 7:45 am UTC · 5 min read

RRMine Described by the CEO DR. Steve Tsou – Featured on Kron TV at ‘Innovators Show’

The future of the cryptocurrency industry is fragile due to the dynamic and volatile nature surrounding it. It is for this reason that the CEO of RRMine, Steve Tsou, addressed an issue that has been in the minds of many miners. How can the crypto market adopt new developments and innovations to remain afloat? Through a recent interview with Kron TV on their show “Innovators with Jane King”, Steve acknowledged that RRMine is adopting a new economic model that is greater in terms of innovation, matching mechanism, and stability mechanism. He went ahead to explain to users how RRMine is taking advantage of economies of scale and adopting new business models to remain at the top.

What is RRMine?

During this interview, Steve Tsou gave users an overview of what RRMine is and what they do. RRMine is the first decentralized computing power and trading platform that was started in 2017, soon after Bitcoin started gaining popularity. It is a platform created to offer a wide array of crypto services such as trading, pricing, etc. In other words, RRMine works as a decentralized hashrate platform where they offer services to enable you to keep, purchase, or hoard hashrates.

RRMine was created for investors who desire to earn reasonable profits from crypto mining. It does this by adopting economies of scale where investors can come together and pool their resources. This is a strategy that makes the huge costs of mining do not limit sure investors but they can all reap from this lucrative industry.

The economic model behind is very innovative and is a stability mechanism and matching mechanism. In simple terms, after up to another level, the digital economy can allocate market resources further and make existing computing power capabilities to play a more significant role. On the one hand, it reduces the cost of the current market suppliers. On the other hand, it reduces the users’ entry threshold. Therefore, real Web 3.0 is a digital economy. Compared with the traditional Internet model, it is very light assets.

What Sets RRMine Apart

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should choose RRMine if you want to enjoy the benefits of Cryptomining. Firstly, this platform can be used by all users. As a matter of fact, even if the majority of users on this platform have little or no knowledge about mining. Steve, on his interview with Kron TV, ascertained that users are proficient in other industrial fields, but they all have something unique that they bring to the table. These users also enjoy great benefits in terms of earning and technological growth. RRMine also goes the extra mile to educate these users on this field.

This platform also boasts of flexibility when it comes to the mining contracts. This comes in handy for beginners who are just getting started in mining because they can get a classic plan, and after the end of the mining contract, they can choose to renew or trade-off in exchange of cash. Indeed, Steve compares RRmine to Amazon Shopping in the sense of a decentralized hashrate market, offering hashrate trading and management services to buy, keep and exchange hashrate plans.

RRMine is always looking to adopt new business models in order to mitigate the huge risks in the mining industry. The platform has focused on scaling up its operations, and they have also invested in a highly skilled team of experts guaranteed to reduce costs and evade potential threats.

RRMine has achieved a huge global presence as it has penetrated several countries like the United States, China, Russia, Canada, and more. With more than 100,000 users across the globe, users always get a ready market for their contracts. It is also proof of the reliability of this platform by users.

What the Future Holds for RRMine in Relation to Developments in the Mining Industry

RRMine was named as one of the top ten mining firms, according to the 2019 Digital mining Summit held in Germany. The company is, however, still striving to ensure they continue to shine as they help investors earn handsome profits. There are strategies that they have adopted so that they are prepared for the future ahead. Recently RRMine launched a compelling product relying on the high expectations of IPFS technology in the ecosystem. It has formed the world’s largest Filecoin mining pool, RRMINE’s Filecoin computing power products, that it was sold out in 1 minute and 20 seconds, setting a new blockchain product record.

The company understands the concept that for a miner to continue enjoying the great profits that this industry has to offer, they have to learn how to address the issues of instability and risks that are very dominant in this industry. As such, the company makes sure that even with the huge risks in cryptocurrency, users are still able to enjoy profits. They offer products that have different periods and work through a C2C trading platform, which will match up to the risk appetite of every user. By using different lock-in periods, the company can hedge risks.

The crypto market is always changing, and this calls for continuous research in this field. What RRMine has done is that they have invested mainly in people, because they know that this is a long-term growth strategy. With an employee base of more than 300 from different countries, the platform can pay more attention to product development and technology. RRMine stays ahead in this market cooperating with universities around the globe and engage in scientific research. Everyone is welcome to participate in RRMine and become the computing power ecology enabler.



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