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Solar Power Farming to Power Medical Marijuana Industry

March 16th, 2018 at 11:14 am UTC · 3 min read

With time, science has made a number of developments and some popular myths have now been busted. Over the years we have made a significant progress in harnessing the energy that exists in elements of nature such as wind, water and sunlight and convert it into electricity and other forms of energy. 

These ‘clean energy’ sources are at a very basic stage right now – but there has been a significant development in this direction and solar power has, over the years, emerged to be a big player in generating electricity using just the heat of the sun!

Talking of rise in awareness and scientific progress, there has been a significant rise in awareness when it comes to medical marijuana. While there was an air of taboo around marijuana for a very long time – the medical benefits of marijuana have been impressing scientists around the world.

In addition to medical marijuana, there has been quite a revolution when it comes to recreational use of marijuana as well.

From being right-out outlawed, marijuana regulations around the world are now getting relaxed.

In the US, 29 states and the district of Columbia now allow medical marijuana and 7 states (and DC) allow the consumption of marijuana for recreational use. These numbers are certain to grow over the years as lawmakers realize the importance of marijuana in medical use such as for the treatment of ailments such as Cancer and relieving those suffering through chronic pain.

Interestingly, renewable energy and marijuana are two sectors which are actually overlapping. Considering that growing marijuana requires a high amount of electric consumption, renewable sources of energy such as Solar Power are critical for the growth of the medical marijuana industry.

Most organizations which grow marijuana for commercial use grow it using indoor methods of growth. This is basically the creation of an artificial, controlled environment where a natural setting can be simulated. This requires the use of grow tents, grow lights, ventilators, water pumps, dehumidifiers and fans among a number of other electrical equipment.

These are large scale operations and have a high energy consumption need. The use of solar energy can definitely help these operations reduce their costs. This is particularly beneficials in regions where sunlight is in abundance.

Over the past few years, awareness regarding medical marijuana has been rising and a number of companies have started off their operations towards growing medical marijuana. One such name is that of KPR Medical Solutions which is starting off with a major medical marijuana plantation in Australia.

KPRMS intends to grow high-quality medical marijuana to meet the rising demand in the nation. Medical marijuana has recently been legalized in Australia.

In order to raise funds for this business, KPRMS has tied up with Renewable Mining Australia (RMA) and started off with an Initial Coin Offering to raise money. The company has started off with an Ethereum based ICO where they aim at raising $30 Million to start off their operations. For more details on the company’s plans and operations.