Stabble Makes History as Pioneer Frictionless Liquidity and Trading Layer on Solana

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Stabble Makes History as Pioneer Frictionless Liquidity and Trading Layer on Solana
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Cryptocurrency exchanges require a high amount of liquidity to perform basic crypto transactions. Insufficient liquidity can easily throw a spanner in the wheel of any crypto transaction leaving traders with bitter experiences.

One of the major challenges several DEXs are faced with is the issue of limited or complete lack of liquidity, which can leave traders stranded in the middle of a trade. But Stabble is here to disrupt the narrative and give traders access to adequate liquidity to help them to exchange crypto assets seamlessly.

With this, Stabble will be well-positioned to become a key player in the crypto ecosystem with unlimited potential and a market worth over $2.55 trillion.

Stabble to Provide Sufficient Liquidity

As more investors seek opportunities in the crypt sphere, DEXs are finding it increasingly difficult to provide the liquidity needed for smooth trades to take place. This yawning gap requires a decentralized exchange with a robust system and enough funds to support smooth operations.

Stabble has an expert team that has successfully built DeFi protocols with $1.8+ billion TVL. With such a financial background, Stabble will have a role in stabilizing the crypto industry. Besides that, Stabble brings to the table ~20% APY, making sure that arbitrage-driven TVL drain is averted.

Stabble requires 80% less liquidity thereby guaranteeing adequate liquidity in the system. This is hardly the case with its competitors, who barely have the funds to back up simple crypto transactions.

This DEX offers a low price impact, thereby making room for large swaps with a max price impact of 0.2%. Stabble also creates liquidity bootstrapping through 20/80 pools and adjustable fees by deploying adequate funding.

Growth and Success Records

Stabble is currently gaining inroads in social media. With its 50,000 X followers and 16,000 Discord members, the exchange is set to achieve sustainable social growth in the coming years.

This DEX also has active monthly users of 6000, on-chain data of $93 million 24-hour peak volume, and $33 million constant TVL, which sets the tone for its rapid financial growth.

Team of Experts

Stabble’s team consists of people who have practised and succeeded in the financial industry. The team parades the credentials necessary for the success of landmark projects such as this. 

Killian, CEO: His practical experience spans the financial and crypto sectors. Kilian is an Applied Mathematician and Mechanical Engineer. He has worked at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, is an advisor to over 15 crypto projects and is a co-creator of an IDO launchpad.

Keisuke, CTO: Keisuke is a Software Engineer. He worked as an engineer at Marinade Finance (reached $1.8B TVL) and also as CTO of OneRing Finance

Lennart, CPO: A Ph.D. candidate in Finance, specializing in Behavioral Finance and DeFi Inefficiencies.

Holmes, Full-stack Developer: Worked as a full-stack developer at OneRing Finance, Parasol Finance, and Expaus Inc.

Investors and Partners

Stabble is currently collaborating with several brands to make frictionless liquidity possible. Notable brands assisting in driving this vision include Founder Heads, DuckDAO, AngelBlock, Masterblox, ZEMU VC, Dynamic Fund, vt3 Ventures, Gemhead Capital, Spicy Capital, Marshland Capital, and others


Stabble’s launchpads are made up of Trust Swap, Poolz Finance, Enjinstarter, and Sparta DEX.

Market Maker: Skynet

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