Latest STO News

Securitize, that is supported by Coinbase, and OTCXN are joining forces to streamline the process of issuing and trading security tokens.

South Korea Will Remain Firm on Maintaining ICO Ban, Reveals Country’s Financial Watchdog

According to FSC, the ban will not be lifted, as firms conducting ICOs were making use of foreign jurisdictions, simultaneously raising funds from South Korean nationals.

7 Attention-Grabbing Cryptocurrency Trends that Will Define Business in 2019

In this guest post, Scott Mathews, crypto enthusiast and professional content writer, explains the concept behind cryptocurrencies taking a look at attention-grabbing trends that are most likely to be crucial for 2019.

TokenSoft Rolls Out Unique Custody Solution Designed for Security Tokens Specifically

Blockchain company, TokenSoft Inc. just released the Beta version of their new Knox Wallet, a digital assets and securities wallet specifically designed for use by enterprises.

Nasdaq Finally Gives a Green Light to Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology company Symbiont Inc just got $20 million from a series B funding round. Nasdaq Ventures led the round and is one of Nasdaq’s biggest move towards the crypto market yet.

Much-anticipated Overstock’s Security Token Trading Platform tZERO Goes Live

Now accredited investors can trade tZERO security tokens through a digital securities brokerage account at Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC, which will act as the introducing broker-dealer.