Streamity P2P Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money Exchange Services Review

January 15th, 2018 at 6:55 am UTC · 2 min read

One of key features that makes Streamity a distinctive exchange service is the embedment of the smart contract into its services medium. With Streamity every payment signal the system receives is securely unlocked by a smart contract in the payment system.

The project team developed StreamDesk, a breathtaking cryptocurrency aggregator which is to be deployed to ensure fast and reliable exchange of cryptocurrencies to fiat under smart contracts. The design features of StreamDesk allows it to work independently of intermediaries making the transaction system faster and cheaper.

All transactions in the StreamDesk platform will be permitted using Streamity’s own STM tokens. The token can be bought on the StreamDesk hub at a starting exchange rate of just $0.2.

Unbelievably Low Transaction Fees

Streamity boosts of extraordinarily low transactions fees charging just between 0% to 2% of the exchange amount as commission for the services. This would encourage many cryptocurrency users especially those already tired of paying abnormally high fees in other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Streamity has incorporated a vast range of cryptocurrencies and fiat into it’s exchange platform though the project promises to again add new ones. Currently Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are available in the platform.

Secure, Simple and Convenient

The ease by which hackers made off with millions of dollars from exchange services and different wallets motivated the Streamity project team, prompting them to pull enough resources to develop a system to can not virtually be broken into.

Securing a system alone would involve the incorporations of very many annoying features to the final users. Streamity has made its platform simple and convenient to use by its customers while ensuring the maximum level of security from the background.

The project will implement a Know Your Customer Policy to ensure further security enhancement but promises fairness in the implementation of the KYC policies.

News, Analysis, Investment and Educational Content.

Streamity believes in continuous education prompting the team to include a cryptocurrency news service, analysis of different cryptocurrency market events into its platform. The content published daily on the platform is to include investments and educational materials regarding financial investments in cryptocurrencies.

New cryptocurrencies investment services reviews will also be included amongst the investment content to make it complete. The platform is emerging as an all-round center for the modern cryptocurrency users and investors.