Top 13 Crypto Telegram Groups in 2023

January 3rd, 2023 at 10:00 am UTC · 7 min read

Top 13 Crypto Telegram Groups in 2023
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Telegram is one of the most popular social media platforms among crypto enthusiasts all over the world. Many crypto experts and professional investors have created different crypto telegram channels and groups to help fellow investors. These crypto groups focus on different aspects of cryptocurrency, such as signals, news, pump and dump, airdrops, project listing, technical analysis, etc.

Crypto signal groups aim to provide their members with accurate trading ideas from expert traders to buy or sell a particular asset at a specific price or period, while crypto news groups aim to provide up-to-date news and technical analysis about the world of cryptocurrency to help traders make informed decisions. Crypto telegram pump and dump groups help guide investors on the best moves to take in the market as we know of the industry’s volatility.

With the massive opportunities that crypto telegram groups have presented to us in the crypto world, it is inevitable that many people will want to take advantage. Consequently, people are vulnerable to fraudulent and fake crypto telegram channels.

To help traders and investors join the best yet trusted & reliable crypto telegram groups, we have compiled a list of the top 10 crypto telegram groups and channels that offer great value.

ICO Speaks

With over 73k members, ICO Speaks tops our list of the best crypto telegram groups or channels to join. ICO Speaks was created by a group of crypto experts and enthusiasts on a mission to provide valuable regular crypto content to help investors and traders stay up-to-date and grow in the crypto space. Users find IEO/ICO reviews, trading signals, airdrops, AMA sessions, and other useful information. The group also provides marketing and consulting services to crypto founders.

DeFi Million

With over 147k subscribers, DeFi Million is second on our list of the best crypto telegram groups or channels to join. DeFi Million is a new way of decentralized finance interactions between crypto users and decentralized finance. The group caters to stakers, profit makers, and lovers of the DeFi market by regularly publishing interesting news about new projects and providing signals on some DeFi tokens.

ICO Speaks News

This is more or less the opposite of the previous crypto Telegram group that we just looked at. ICO SPEAKS NEWS is a crypto telegram channel that offers subscribers only the best news on blockchain technology, ICO/NFT/DEFI, Airdrops, token sales, and the latest cryptocurrency news. So, this Channel is great for many crypto enthusiasts who are not looking to interact with people but still want to gain major insight into the market and the latest projects. At the time of this writing, there are 130,280 subscribers, making it a solid option for people to promote their crypto projects.

IEO Pools

With over 96k subscribers, IEO Pools has quickly become popular among regular users, investors, and professional traders. This crypto telegram channel focuses on the latest news about crypto companies and blockchain and inside information about presales, airdrops, and signals. IEO Pools also offers IEO listings to traders and marketing services to crypto projects.

Crypto Evolution

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the world today? Now, that is a lot of digital assets to keep track of. But it is still not enough to keep track of these cryptocurrencies. This is even worse for newbies who do not know what cryptocurrencies to start investing in aside from the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. As a result, one of the best cryptocurrency signal news channels is Crypto Evolution. This channel has over 95,000 subscribers and provides the latest information on cryptocurrencies worldwide. So, newbies and investors can gain sufficient insight into the latest cryptocurrency that will likely boom in the market.

BTC Champ

If there is one issue crypto traders face, it is getting a safe place to trade their coins. Of course, there are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms. However, the beauty of cryptocurrency is that it has different options to maximise profit. As a result of this dilemma that crypto traders face. BTC CHAMP has a crypto telegram channel where people can watch BTC, USDT, ETH, and altcoins. Apart from being a platform for people to trade their coins, it is also a crypto telegram channel. You can get useful information and insights on how to trade these coins in the market. Plus, you can see emerging cryptocurrency projects that are likely to gain prominence. Currently, there are 96,639 subscribers at the time of writing this article.

Bitcoin Traffic

The beauty of cryptocurrency is the ability to find alternatives no matter the saturation in the market. There are different crypto traffic in Telegram groups and channels. However, picking the right one is always a dilemma. Bitcoin Traffic is one of the crypto telegram channels that many investors and crypto enthusiasts have praised over time. Do not let the “Bitcoin” tag deceive you. This crypto news channel provides the latest information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through publications, articles, and other posts. You can also promote your crypto project on this channel since it has a large following of over 90,000 subscribers.

ICO Listing

With over 40k members, ICO Listing is a free chat channel where anyone and everyone can make a post, write a message, or initiate a crypto-related discussion. However, the group was created to help crypto founders advertise their startup projects and create hype around them. The group also offers users the latest ICO listings.

ICO Speaks RU

ICO Speaks RU is a Russian channel that focuses on providing value for the Russian-speaking community of crypto traders and investors. All crypto news, ICO reviews, trading signals, token sales, airdrops, and many more are translated into the Russian language to benefit Russian speakers.

This is a Telegram crypto groups and channels listing aggregator where you can find thousands of telegram crypto groups and channels for your needs.

DeFi Signals

New daily DeFi tokens to invest this groups launched in 2021 before DeFi Market Hype. Now its top group channel to follow.

MetaBoost Channel

Super active telegram crypto channel with trading signals and analytics. There are also discussion chat there.

Crypto telegram groups is a channels aggregator for crypto groups and telegram channels for crypto. Also with detailed explanation about each channel and group.


Crypto telegram groups and channels are valuable to crypto traders and investors. This guide has shown a list of the top 10 crypto telegram groups to join for valuable insights and trading signals from seasoned experts.


  • Why is Telegram used for crypto groups?

Telegram’s series of features that support cryptocurrency is the game-changer for the platform. Its end-to-end encryption and ‘channels’ feature that allows admins to distribute messages to an unlimited number of persons are some reasons crypto groups are popular on the platform.

  • What is the best crypto Telegram group?

Different crypto telegram groups focus on different aspects of cryptocurrencies. This article has the best crypto telegram groups and channels one can ever imagine.

  • Can I buy Bitcoin on Telegram?

Yes, you can trade bitcoin on telegram. A telegram crypto channel like BTC Champ allows you to buy bitcoin.

  • What is the best Telegram crypto news channel?

ICO Speaks News is the crypto telegram channel to beat when it comes to crypto news.

  • Are Telegram crypto groups safe?

There are many fraudulent and fake telegram crypto groups. To avoid being a victim, we have assisted with researching the most reliable groups to join. This article features the top 10 of telegram crypto groups.

  • What is the best crypto signals group on Telegram?

ICO Speaks and DeFi Million are the best crypto signal groups on telegram.

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