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Tora Inu Is Making Waves in These Market Conditions Thanks to Its Solid Plans

November 8th, 2022 at 6:15 pm UTC · 5 min read

Tora Inu is Making Waves in These Market Conditions Thanks to its Solid Plans

Tora Inu is making waves in the memecoin sector despite the overwhelming bearish pressure in the market.

Investors rush to the TORA presale to get their hands on the new-era memecoin that incorporates intuitive deflationary tokenomics with a fair and fun play-to-earn platform. The solid plans in the roadmap give investors confidence in buying into the token.

Solid Plans Creates a Foundation of Confidence for Investors

Tora Inu continues to make waves in terrible market conditions due to the confidence it’s giving to investors through its solid plans outlined in the roadmap. First of all, the team behind Tora Inu is fully KYC’d through CoinSniper, and their contracts are audited by SolidProof – so investors can be sure they aren’t going to run away with their money like many previous memecoin presales.

The extensive roadmap provided by the Tora Inu team proves their competency and provides the confidence needed for investors to place their hard-earned money.

The roadmap details how the team plans to bring Tora Inu to the forefront of the memecoin sector through a colossal marketing campaign and a perfectly executed CEX drive. The team understands that for a memecoin to reach the heights of giants such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the project needs a large community of investors and consistent buying pressure.

Tora Inu is Making Waves in These Market Conditions Thanks to its Solid Plans

Therefore, Tora Inu has included a marketing campaign as one of the milestones on its roadmap. They plan to promote the TORA token on some of the most prominent crypto publications in the industry to attract a broad user base. Furthermore, the team is endorsed by multiple high-tier venture capitalists, and they are experienced in marketing through all social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. As a result, investors are expecting Tora Inu to become highly discussed on these popular platforms.

Tier-1 CEX Drive – Could OKX Be the First Exchange to List TORA?

In addition to the colossal marketing campaign, Tora Inu has prioritized having the TORA token listed on multiple tier-1 and tier-2 centralized exchanges (CEXs). They plan to launch TORA on a tier-1 exchange before the token is listed on Uniswap later. They even have a tier-1 exchange lined up, although they keep the exchange’s name secret. However, subtle signs on the project’s website indicate that the first tier-1 exchange could be OKX.

Tora Inu is Making Waves in These Market Conditions Thanks to its Solid Plans

Room in the Market for an Intuitive Deflationary P2E Memecoin

Tora Inu is expected to sell the entire allocation of 600 million TORA tokens well ahead of schedule. There is room in the sector for an intuitive deflationary memecoin that brings a twist to the industry.

The new-era memecoin comes with a complete burning and redistribution mechanism that rewards loyal holders and reduces the supply of the token as the platform becomes more popular. In addition, a 3% buy and sell tax is levied on all transactions on the blockchain, causing the supply to shrink and the balance of loyal TORA holders to expand.

The intuitive deflationary mechanism causes TORA to become more scarce as the platform becomes more popular. As a result, the value of TORA will likely explode as the demand for the token increases.

Furthermore, Tora Inu integrates a fun and enjoyable play-to-earn (P2E) game into its ecosystem. The P2E game sets itself apart from the competition as users cannot pay to increase their chances of winning. Instead, participants that purchase the NFTs will slowly see their stats buffed as they win mini-games against other players and the environment. This creates a complete skill-based game in which there are no shortcuts to the top, and the best players are rewarded the most.

The P2E also triggers the deflationary mechanisms – as users have to stake TORA to participate – making TORA more scarce.

Presale Continues to Fly

The presale has already raised over $300,000 and is expected to sell out well ahead of schedule. This is the perfect opportunity to get involved in a new era play-to-earn platform that has laid the foundations for a very successful year in 2023.

Buy Tora Inu now.

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