10 of Best Universities for Blockchain Courses

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10 of Best Universities for Blockchain Courses
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As blockchain skills continue to be desired in today’s job market, several universities will implement and teach these skills to incoming students, and make them job-ready, when it comes to blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

There’s no doubt that blockchain is revolutionizing almost every industry when it comes to today’s economy. Now, universities worldwide are taking up the notion that blockchain is destined to be the next generation of how we run the economy at a grander scale.

According to the Accounting Degree Review, blockchain is transforming technology as we know it, as more tech publications are drawing more attention to it, and more investors are looking more towards that direction. As a result, some of the most prestigious universities are adapting blockchain courses into their curriculum, so that more students can learn about this sought-after knowledge.

So, when it comes to learning blockchain, here are 10 universities to consider.

University of Nicosia

This popular university in Cyprus offers an online Master of Science degree course in Digital Currency. The good news is if you want to learn about the fundamental principles of cryptocurrency, the first-course “Introduction to Digital Currencies” is free, and it includes 12 live online sessions.

University of Cumbria

Next, what’s blockchain without the crypto part of it? This university in the UK offers a free online course that talks about how cryptocurrency is driving the future. As a result, students will explore the reasons why crypto is hailed as a valued monetary asset.

B9 Lab Academy

This school offers courses in blockchain for up-and-coming tech executives, analysts, and so on. Even the most experienced tech stakeholders can learn something new about blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as other related technical and social frameworks.

IT University of Copenhagen

In Denmark, IT University of Copenhagen has a summer school dedicated to Blockchain, as a means to help students develop effective solutions within three industries: economics, organization, and computer science. They’ll also learn about the implications of existing business models, and how blockchain takes the guesswork out of said industries.

Duke University

Located in North Carolina, Duke University offers its “Innovation, Disruption and Crypto Ventures” course. This special course covers how disruptive technology has shaped in many industries. While it doesn’t solely look into Bitcoin transactions, students will still learn the implications that may affect various businesses moving forward.

New York University

New York University now offers courses in blockchain, including one entitled “The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies.” This course teaches Bitcoin and other alternative payments mechanisms like it. There is also another course called “Digital Currency: Revolution in Money and Payments?” which will introduce the concept of future mobile payment systems that may transform how people do their finances.

Princeton University

Located in New Jersey, Princeton University offers courses in blockchain, including its famed course called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.” This unique course addresses important questions about Bitcoin that many newcomers to the topic might have – the very definition of Bitcoin, how its different from other currencies, the idea of regulating it, etc.

No matter your inquiry, Princeton has you covered!

Stanford University

Stanford University is another university to consider when looking to learn about blockchain. This school offers a course in “Bitcoin Engineering,” which aims to focus on how Bitcoin-enabled apps are produced and received. Along with a beginner’s guide to Bitcoin, students will also learn about computing with Bitcoin.

University of California-Berkeley

This university prides itself in not only offering an undergraduate cryptocurrency course that’s open-source, but it also allows students to collaborate with each other to run crypto meetups, workshops, etc. to research more developments in blockchain and other crypto technologies. It’s a school built on principles and collaborations, especially when it comes to blockchain.

Blockchain University

Finally, Blockchain University teaches students how the blockchain ecosystem works. In addition, the school offers interactive training, while encouraging students to utilize design thinking that forms effective solutions. With hands-on learning and feedback from influential minds, students will be sure to learn about blockchain and its constituents.


Now, while these are just a handful of universities discussed in this article, many others are either considering teaching blockchain skills to students, or already adapted to this new demand. Resources like CoinDesk have accumulated and ranked the top universities for blockchain in 2020 – schools that are most defensible and rigorous in their curriculum.

As blockchain skills continue to be desired in today’s job market, several universities will implement and teach these skills to incoming students, and make them job-ready, when it comes to blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies.

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