Win-win Solution for Investors and ICO Projects: Fund Platform Creates the Funds’ Marketplace

March 14th, 2018 at 6:29 am UTC · 4 min read

Investments have always been one of the best ways to utilize the assets and gain profits. At the same time, the major problem for each investor is choosing the right fund or a company to back up.

It requires a lot of time, efforts and professional knowledge to study the project, evaluate the potential risks and make objective predictions on the future profits.

Today, with the booming of cryptocurrency & ICO market, many investors turn their eye towards this field. However, sometimes they don’t fully understand how cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings work, and have huge concerns about risks, profits and legal aspects of investments.

What’s more, an investor has to search for each project separately using multiple sources, which is time-consuming and inefficient.

The perfect way to make the process of investing in digital funds and ICOs smooth and easy is to create an ecosystem that builds up a bridge between investors and companies.

Such infrastructure has already being implemented by Fund Platform — the digital funds’ solution. Designed to connect ideas and opportunities, it addresses the problem of aggregating cryptocurrencies’ funds and ICO projects at one place.

Fund Platform introduces a marketplace, listing a wide range of companies, and providing accurate data and analytics on them for potential investors.

The funds’ marketplace will make it possible for everyone to take advantage of endless investments opportunities.

As a convenient network, it provides fast and mutually beneficial communication between investors, sponsors and the projects. All the parties will be able to communicate via chat rooms on the platform.

Moreover, to ensure compliance and safety of the users and their assets, each fund or an ICO listed on the Platform will grant access to their analytics and reports.

Thus, before making a decision to invest, a user will be able to study the statistics data, including rating, capitalization, managed funds and risk/return indicators. Such in-depth analysis will help identify high-performing and low-performing projects and evaluate the investments risks.

Fund Platform is based on the principles of transparency and trust. That’s why companies that provide their performance data will be positively rated on the Platform, while those that don’t — will be granted with “risky” status, or even will be considered as “scam” if they’ve been proven to be so.

As a result, tracking of general investment indicators, as well as a comprehensive audit of the company and its activities, will enable users to form the most optimal portfolio to achieve the best results.

“Now the market for cryptocurrency investments is developing very rapidly. However, with hundreds of startups offering to purchase their coins, it’s extremely complicated for investors to find worthy projects and focus on them.

That’s why Fund Platform will make a huge difference. Choosing a company to invest will be as simple as choosing accommodation on or Airbnb. On entering the Platform, a user will find everything he needs: funds’ and ICOs description, statistics and reports. Also, on the marketplace, there is going to be the rating system: people who have already contributed will be able to score funds and give their reviews.

The whole process of investing has never been so fast, easy and convenient for both newcomers and experienced players”, — comments Nikita Shevchenko, founder and CEO Fund Platform.

In December 2017 the project successfully finished the pre-ICO, and now Fund Platform moves towards the ICO round that will run from April 3rd to May 3rd. Those who want to contribute before the official start of the tokensale can join the Pre-sale offering the bonuses up to 50%.

About Fund Platform

Fund Platform is #1 solution for digital funds and investors. The project is creating a multifunctional ecosystem that helps digital funds solve the problems of creation, promotion, incorporation and investing.

Built on NEM blockchain, funds on the platform are able to issue the unlimited number of sub-tokens based on FUND token, thus allowing to offer a huge variety of products and strategies to their investors.

By now, the project has already finished the MVP, where users can create their funds and issue tokens. It’s available for a test-drive on the Fund Platform website.

To stay updated on the project’s news, join the conversation on Telegram. And don`t forget about our contest with 10,000 FUND tokens prize!