Zerocoin Makes Online Gambling Secure and Trustworthy

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read
Zerocoin Makes Online Gambling Secure and Trustworthy
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Zero Edge utilizes its own token named Zerocoin, which is the fundamental part of Zero Edge business model and the main driver for sustainable economy.

From the ancient times, people have been enjoying gambling and betting as these games provide an opportunity to have a tryst with luck. But nowadays wide Internet exposure has acted as boosted for online gambling industry attracting more and more people towards it to join world class casino games from the luxury of one’s home

It is not surprising for gambling space to exhibit a meteoric surge of ICOs thereby nobody want to miss out on the extraordinary returns if products hit critical mass and investors get in early. Seeking out for promising and ambitious startup, Zero Edge has become the focus of investor’s attention.

According to Zero Edge’s whitepaper, for the first time ever the gambling platform introduces a 0% house edge model that reduces the cost of betting in online casinos and gives players a fair chance to win. To empower its innovative economy Zero Edge, a disrupting blockchain-based online casino, creates a cryptocurrency for the online gambling space resolving the rampart problems of trust and transaction overheads.

For an up-coming ICO, Zero Edge will be issuing their own token named Zerocoin, which operates on smart contract technology and enables users’ activity on all Zero Edge Casino’s games including casino games and sportsbook. Describing the platform Adrian Casey, CEO of Zero Edge, says,

“The Zero Edge Casino model is based on Metcalfe’s law and factual Bitcoin price growth. Casino players, i.e. Zerocoin holders will not only be able to play 0% house edge games, which offer a truly equal odds of winning against the house but will also see their Zerocoin value increase as a result of increased demand and adoption of the token.”

 Gaming Becomes Secure and Trustworthy

Online casinos are often the target for malicious hackers’ attacks. Therefore, ensuring high-level security of players’ and casino’s funds along with all sensitive information is Zero Edge’s priority.

To ensure maximum security all data between a player and the platform server is encrypted and transmitted using SSL certificate making it impossible for a party in the middle of the communication to listen in. Most of online casino’s funds will be stored in wallets that are not connected to the Internet, which makes them hacker-proof. A small percentage of Zero Edge casino’s bankroll will be spread across several online hot wallets to finance operating costs and payout any winning plays.

The blockchain use case for Zero Edge is mainly in providing decentralised trust. All games will be publicly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain without negative effects on user experience during the game session. Furthermore, Zero Edge Casino will have a sophisticated and audited random number generator (RGN) mechanism to ensure complete randomness of its games.

The Team and Product

A good thing to note that a quality of produce highly depends on expertise of the team under the hood. Zero Edge combines experienced tech and marketing experts who are lead by ZeroEdge CEO Adrian Casey who has been in gambling industry for much of the past 6 years within betting industry. Legal experts, high-ranked professionals in both betting and blockchain industry dominate within advisory team.

Zero Edge ticks all the boxes when it comes to the market size, the problem it is solving, the team and product. The fact that they have a working product is particularly reassuring. There is also a good incentive for early investors. The company will organize its early token sale in February when the public will be offered to purchase a limited supply of Zerocoins for a discounted price.

Sofiko Abeslamidze

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