bitcoin money

Bitcoin is ‘Real’ Money, Rules Federal Judge in Case Tied to JPMorgan Hack
September 20th, 2016

The Judge rejected a bid by Anthony Murgio who tried to prove that bitcoin does not qualify as “funds”.

Cash vs Bitcoin: Battle of Traditions and Innovations
April 24th, 2015

Both traditional and digital payment forms have strong and weak points. But statistics insists that cash remains more popular with population.

Governor of California Gives Bitcoin and All Altcoins Green Light
June 29th, 2014

New Assembly Bill 129, providing ‘legal status’ for virtual money, was signed into law in Caifornia.

California’s Bill to Make Bitcoin ‘Lawful Money’ Reaches the Governor
June 24th, 2014

A bill to legalise the use of cryptocurrencies in California is now heading to the governor’s desk for approval.