Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro makes boisterous claims of raising $750 million in just a few hours, without backing it with sufficient evidence.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

The eHealth First ICO: A Token Changing Healthcare for the Better

Built on the advanced AI and blockchain technology, the new platform aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry, achieving better patient care.

Venezuela Officially Launches the Pre-Sale of Its Oil-backed ‘Petro’ Token

The new cryptocurrency has faced lots of resistance but finally made its way through – the 82.4 million tokens are already available.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain Tech to Jointly Build AI Apps

AI unites with blockchain tech to turn data into genuine, real-world AI solutions by connecting all parties and integrating all AI-based stages of app development and deployment in a single product.

Cryptocurrency and ICO Market Analysis [February 12-18, 2018]

Coinspeaker partnered with ICOBox to provide our readers with this weekly analysis conducted by Professor Dima Kornilov and Dima Zaitsev devoted to cryptocurrency and digital assets markets changes that took place in February 2018, including over the last week (February 12-18, 2018).

Cryptocurrencies ‘Could Drop to Near-Zero at Any Time,’ Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Warns

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, asked people not to throw their life savings into virtual coins and warned about slammers offering cryptocurrency on Twitter.

FinTech News

Having ambitious plans to replace PayPal, Lydia has already become a mobile payment leader in France and is not going to stop.

Payment Processor Stripe Ends Support for Bitcoin Payments on April 23

Stripe stops handling bitcoin on April 23 due to transaction-connected prolems. However, the company stays optimistic about other cryptocurrencies, planning to add support for other coins in the future.

FinTech Startup Curve Launches Payment-switching Smart Card in the UK

The consumer launch of UK-based startup Curve was described as a major milestone for the whole fintech industry on its way to disrupt conventional banking system. Up until now, the service was running in beta version exclusively available to business users.

Fintech Startup Chain Projects Updated Bitcoin Language for Smart-Contracts

Chain is now developing Ivy, Bitcoin-based programming language, used to facilitate coding of smart contracts and compete with Ethereum platform.

Totle Boosts Crypto Market Confidence Through Risk-Free Portfolio Competition

Totle, a platform for managing crypto portfolios, bridges the gap between conventional and crypto fund management enabling investors construct a diversified crypto portfolio through a user-friendly interface.

Internet Of Things News

The former Chief Technology Officer Injong Rhee left Samsung Electronics to join Google as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence to lead their Internet-of-Things business.

With a view to become a smart city, Taipei partners with IOTA to provide its residents with a wide range of new technological advantages.

How the Internet of Things is Helping the Earth [Infographic]

Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and services will see spending of $ 1.7 trillion in 2020.

Hitachi Creates Internet of Things Focused Big Data Company Vantara

Hitachi announced its reorganization into a new Internet of Things enterprise Hitachi Vantara.

Tencent Teams up with Intel for Internet of Things Blockchain Solution

Tencent, the Chinese media and technology company, and Intel have announced a partnership based on blockchain technology.

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