Weekly ICO Market Analysis [August 13-19, 2018]

This report presents data on ICO market changes during 2018. Special emphasis has been placed on an analysis of the changes that have taken place during August 2018, including over the past week (August 13-19, 2018).

Bitcoin PR Buzz’s No-Strings Summer Deal: Free Consultations for Blockchain Companies

Bitcoin PR Buzz announces an innovative summer deal for blockchain startups and businesses totally free of charge, with no strings attached.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [August 12-19, 2018]

The report covers data on the crypto market movements during 2018. Special focus has been given to the analysis of changes taking place over August 12-19, 2018.

No Way Out: US SEC to Decide on ProShares Bitcoin ETFs on Thursday

The U.S. SEC is set to approve or deny the two ProShares Bitcoin ETFs filed in 2017 on 23 August. If approved, the ETF’s performance would be tracked on popular exchanges like the Cboe and CME.

Softbank, Baidu and Others Pour $3M in Atlas Protocol to Rethink Data Sharing

Blockchain-based advertising and marketing platform Atlas Protocol has successfully closed its new funding round, having raised raises $3 million.

Largest Crypto Exchanges Join Gemini to Develop New Industry Standards

The group of four crypto exchanges, including Gemini, are teaming up to establish a self-regulatory organization in order to develop new industry standards.

Blockchain Company Seven Stars Cloud Pours $24B into Electric Bus Upgrades in China

Seven Stars Cloud Group Inc. and the National Transportation Capacity Co Ltd have signed a $24 billion deal in order to fund large-scale electric bus upgrades for China’s biggest full-service operator.

Bakkt CEO Defines Platform’s Services, Says Margin Trading Won’t be Supported

Bakkt CEO said that the physically-settled Bitcoin futures contracts would be completely pre-funded while the facility of margin trading won’t be provided.

EOS/USD Price Analysis: Trends of August 20th–26th, 2018

EOS daily chart made its downward movement to the price level of $4.1 and bounced up towards the resistance level of $5.0,  suggesting that there could be a form of a bullish reversal this week.

Gobbill and Cointree Partner to Streamline Australian Cryptocurrency Payments

According the deal signed between two fintech startups, very soon Australians will be able to pay any bills in cryptos no matter what recipients accept as a unit of account.

GEAR Set to Turn Self-sustaining, Green Cryptocurrency Mining into Reality

Using green energy and renewable powered data mining centres on a self-financing network, GEAR is not just providing innovative solutions for cryptocurrency mining, but for green and sustainable energy in all forms.

Decoin to Become the First POS Platform to Share Revenues With Its Coin Holders

With an increased security and advanced processing capacity, the startup aims to provide its customers with seamless and reliable trading experience.

Source: CoinMarketCap.com
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