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The cryptocurrency market continued to swell on Thursday, as Ethereum price breaks above $400 for the second time this year.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

Decentralized Sports Platform SportyFi Reached Softcap in Less Than 24 Hours

The project, which is supported by legendary footballer Roberto Carlos and bitcoin advocate Charlie Shrem, has managed to overcome its soft cap in just the first few hours of the crowdsale.

Ethereum Breaks the $400 Barrier for the Second Time, Cryptocurrency Total Cap Above $250B

The cryptocurrency market continued to swell on Thursday, as Ethereum price breaks above $400 for the second time this year.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Crypto Wallet

Interested in working on a cryptocurrency market? Make sure you pick a right crypto wallet to ensure your assets are safe.

Scammed Bitcoin Gold Wallet Named ‘MyBTGWallet’ Stole $3M from Users

An alleged Fraudulent Wallet appearing on the Bitcoin Wallet is said to have stolen $3.3 million worth of cryptocurrency holdings of users.

Building a Better Commodities Exchange on the Blockchain Tech

With the development of Blockchain technology, many companies want to disrupt the Commodities industry.

JP Morgan is Getting into Bitcoin Futures Trading, Despite Jamie Dimon’s Statement About Bitcoin’s Fraud

JP Morgan, one of the largest banking institutions in the United States, is looking at allowing its clients to trade bitcoin futures, while its Chief Executive James Dimon stays negative to Bitcoin believing it’s a fraud.

FinTech News

On the eve of Virtual Revolution: VR platform Decentraland creates new universe announcing its first land auction to take place in December.

MarketInvoice has expanded its mission in the field of business financing by launching business loans today. This will complement their set of financial decisions for invoices, which will enable them to better serve the needs of the British business in working capital.

Kakao Affiliate to Launch Largest Cryptoсurrency Exchange in South Korea

The platform is expected to become the largest digital currency exchange in South Korea, allowing investors to trade in more than 110 cryptocurrencies.

European Central Bank is Working on Licensing Rules for FinTech Companies

The European Central Bank plans to create licensing guidelines for financial technology firms.

Fintech Startup AutoFi Raises $10 million in Series A Funding

AutoFi Inc, a Fintech startup specialized in auto industry, announced that it raised $10 million in Series A funding.

New South Korean Digital Bank ‘Kakao Bank’ Signs Up 1M Users in Five Days

One of South Korea’s first digital-only banks signs up more than one million account holders in its first few days surpassing another online-only K-Bank.

Internet Of Things News

Streamr is an autonomous platform that takes the power of blockchain and combines it with the data provided from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and IBM Watson Health will collaborate to apply blockchain technology to harness data.

Microsoft Unveils Its First Cortana-enabled GLAS IOT Thermostat

The major software producer has announced a new smart home device to provide a simple way to monitor home air quality and ensure energy savings.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Announced 34 Additional Members

The new members of the consortium include payments giant Mastercard, technology conglomerate Cisco Systems, as well as the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Amazon Releases $20 Dash Wand with Alexa Inside, Free to Prime Members

Amazon has introduced its Dash Wand with Alexa to allow you buy everything.

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