Gobbill and Cointree Became Partners to Streamline Australian Cryptocurrency Payments

According the deal signed between two fintech startups, very soon Australians will be able to pay any bills in cryptos no matter what recipients accept as a unit of account.

GEAR Set to Turn Self-sustaining, Green Cryptocurrency Mining into Reality

Using green energy and renewable powered data mining centres on a self-financing network, GEAR is not just providing innovative solutions for cryptocurrency mining, but for green and sustainable energy in all forms.

Decoin to Become the First POS Platform to Share Revenues With Its Coin Holders

With an increased security and advanced processing capacity, the startup aims to provide its customers with seamless and reliable trading experience.

Square Cash Gains Recognition Beating Paypal’s Venmo in Popularity

The popularity of the Bitcoin-friendly Square Cash App is growing. Now it has managed to outperform its rival, Paypal’s Venmo.

Who Will Win the Blockchain Race?

China is serious about blockchain, and young emerging companies like NULS are forging a path.

Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin ETF is a ‘Terrible Idea’

According to Antonopoulos, Bitcoin ETF products can cause higher price manipulation with institutional investors and regulators dominating the Bitcoin space.

Chinese Police Seizes Cyber Criminals Charged of Biggest-ever Crypto Theft

Three suspects have been detained by Chinese police in connection with an alleged cryptocurrency theft. The estimated damage made up $87 million USD.

Blockchain Framework Aelf Resolves Scalability Problem Bridging Blockchain Community to Business World

During the launch of aelf’s testnet, the speed of network upgraded using cluster nodes and parallel processing has reached 15,000 TSP.

Pornhub Subsidiary Tube8 will Pay its Visitors in Cryptocurrency for Watching Porn

Visitors of Tune8, a subsidiary of adult entertainment platform Pornhub, will be rewarded with digital currency for watching porn, which is the result of Pornhub subsidiary’s partnership with blockchain platform Vice Industry Token.

JD.com Announces the Launch of Its New Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

JD.com launches its innovative JD Blockchain Open Platform for enterprises and collaborates with Pacific Insurance – one of its first partners.

3 Reasons Why Investors Should Keep An Eye on Aenco, a Financial Solutions Ecosystem for HealthTech

When major tech-related industries have undergone massive disruptions, the healthcare and medical technology industry has remained largely untouched. Aenco blockchain taps into the market to introduce a number of deep-tech solutions.

Alex Reinhardt: “We are Engaged in Crypto Projects – It Fills Our Life!”

The founder of the ELVN cryptomessenger, the active evangelist of the digital market, Alex Reinhardt, talks about the state and prospects of cryptology, stating that professionalism and trust are the main components of the success of the new industry.

Source: CoinMarketCap.com
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