Story of the Day

Rainer Michael Preiss shares his opinion about bitcoin, which has been in the center of attention attracting a lot of criticism lately.

Ending a range of downturns Bitcoin recovers, despite Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates’ founder, calls it “a bubble”, and Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan, recently declared it a “fraud”.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

Rumors: Amazon May Accept Bitcoin by October

According to James Altucher, experienced trader and venture capitalist, Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin as a new method of payment as early as in October.

‘Future of eSports’: Eloplay Launches ICO to Build Decentralized Platform for Gamers and Brands

Eloplay introduces “Smart Tournaments” with decentralized prize pools working on the smart contracts technology, which allow players and brands to organize esports tournaments.

HydroMiner Starts Pre-ICO Tomorrow for the Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Operations

The new cryptocurrency startup aims to change traditional mining by using one of the most environment-friendly and efficient source of energy.

Ethereum-based Kibo Lotto Is in Its Final Stage of Implementation

Kibo Lotto, gaming platform based on Ethereum smart contracts, announced that the project development is complete.

Bitcoin Enthusiasts in China Leave the Cracked Down WeChat for Officially Blocked Telegram

While Chinese regulators are moving closer to shutting down bitcoin trading in the country, traders seem to have a way to work around.

Blockchain Startup Datum is Building Decentralized Data Marketplace Where Data Has Value

Blockchain startup Datum, powered by Ethereum, BigchainDB and IPFS, is creating a global data marketplace by turning data into tradeable commodities.

FinTech News

The European Central Bank plans to create licensing guidelines for financial technology firms.

UK Fintech Startup Curve Launches ‘Financial Time Travel’ for Your Credit and Debit Cards

Curve provides one card that can aggregate all of their existing Mastercard and Visa payment cards and lets you retroactively switch the card you use to pay.

Singapore and Denmark to Collaborate on Fintech Promotion

Regulatory authorities in Denmark and Singapore have announced a cooperation agreement to boost financial technology innovation in both countries.

Japan and Australia Establish FinTech Co-operation Framework

The countries have announced a collaboration agreement to support promising fintech businesses and to share information about regulatory changes and economic developments.

Flywire Teams up with PayPal for the Cross-Border Payment Options

Flywire has announced partnership with PayPal regarding its options for businesses, students and patients.

Internet Of Things News

Hitachi announced its reorganization into a new Internet of Things enterprise Hitachi Vantara.

Google Launches Cloud IoT Core Service for Enterprises

The company has announced its new service that will help businesses to manage their Internet of Things (IoT) devices and collect data from these gadgets.

Amazon Unveils the Echo Show, Available to Pre-Order Now for $230

Called Amazon Echo Show, the new device features a built-in touchscreen that allows users to communicate with their friends by making hands-free video calls.

Microsoft and Micron Collaborate to Help Improve Internet of Things Security

The companies have joined hands to introduce a new technology that is aimed at addressing security issues of the Internet of Things ecosystem.

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