Story of the Day

Famous crowdfunding startup Indiegogo join hands with MicroVentures to launch its services for ICOs and Blockchain Investments.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

Blockchain Startup Colu to Launch ICO for Its Colu Local Network Token

After raising $12 million from top investors, the blockchain startup is now looking to collect $50 million in a crowdsale launching next month.

South Korea Considers Cryptocurrency Tax While Going Bitcoin Crazy

The country that faces Bitcoin frenzy may ban Bitcoin transactions unless they meet strict conditions.

Japan’s GMO Internet Group Will Implement Bitcoin Salaries for Its Employees

GMO Internet Group will start using bitcoin salary to remunerate its staff in March 2018.

Ripple Price Up 70% Today as South Korea and Japanese Banks Conduct Payment Trials

The market price of Ripple (XRP) breaks above $0,40 after banks in Japan and South Korea have announced their intention to test Ropple’s blockchain technology. The trials begin on Friday.

Is Bitcoin Set to Replace Gold as a Safe Haven?

One of the reasons why gold is considered as hedge to a failing economy is because of its inverse correlation with fiat money.

Indiegogo Partners with MicroVentures, Launches ICOs and Blockchain Investments

Famous crowdfunding startup Indiegogo join hands with MicroVentures to launch its services for ICOs and Blockchain Investments.

FinTech News

German FinTech company NAGA Group AG is working on a sophisticated robo-advisor called ‘CYBO’ that provides traders with crowd data indexing and market data.

Money Forward Launches $500M IPO, Gets Investors Excited

The company has successfully completed the first day of trading, what demonstrates the growing investor interest in Japan’s fintech industry

Fintech Startup Curve Partners with Accounting Software Xero to Automate Expenses

London fintech start-up Curve adds New Zealand accounting software Xero to its app to make online payments easier.

Kakao Affiliate to Launch Largest Cryptoсurrency Exchange in South Korea

The platform is expected to become the largest digital currency exchange in South Korea, allowing investors to trade in more than 110 cryptocurrencies.

European Central Bank is Working on Licensing Rules for FinTech Companies

The European Central Bank plans to create licensing guidelines for financial technology firms.

Internet Of Things News

Chinese competitor to Google and world-known smartphone maker combine their efforts to open up new levels of the Internet of Things.

Streamr is an autonomous platform that takes the power of blockchain and combines it with the data provided from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Oracle Partners with Mitsubishi to Develop IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing

Using Oracle Cloud, new Mitsubishi Electric’s Internet of Things platform enables rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of production site data.

Microsoft Unveils Its First Cortana-enabled GLAS IOT Thermostat

The major software producer has announced a new smart home device to provide a simple way to monitor home air quality and ensure energy savings.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Announced 34 Additional Members

The new members of the consortium include payments giant Mastercard, technology conglomerate Cisco Systems, as well as the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

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