Michael Terpin has charged AT&T for the SIM-swap fraud wherein the hacker managed to impersonate his identity and gain access to his cryptocurrency accounts.

As the race for getting the approval of Bitcoin ETF gets intensified, CBOE President talks of the advantages of being first while getting the correct liquidity for the investment product.

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GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform

The multinational company that provides a wide range of online services from e-commerce to initial coin offerings has signed strategic agreement with a private Swiss bank. The expected result is a fully customizable messaging platform used for the internal communication within a bank.

South Korea’s Government to Pour $4.4 Billion into Blockchain and AI Technologies

A meeting involving the South Korean finance ministry reveals country’s intention to nourish cutting-edge industries accelerating an innovative growth.

Gath3r Announces Development of Ad-free Browsing Solution

Blockchain-based platform Gath3r is to solve the problem of pop-up ads by offering online users a new monetization channel.

Swarm Launches Robinhood Equity Token Having No Robinhood’s Permission

Ahead of traditional public listing, the Swarm platform enables institutional investors to reserve their stake in a fund created for the purpose of holding equity in Robinhood.

U.S. Investors Can Now Buy The Swedish Exchange-Traded BTC Note

Instead of waiting for the Bitcoin ETF, U.S. investors will now be able to trade exchange-traded-notes like the Bitcoin Tracker One.

Ethereum, Google and Blockchain: Vitalik Buterin Presents at Closed Event in San Francisco

Co-founder of Ethereum Foundation and Bitcoin Magazine Vitalik Buterin shared his insights into the blockchain and Ethereum’s future, further dispelling rumors about his appointment at Google.

Coinbase Set to Build a Safest Ever Version of Identity Through Its Latest Acquisition

A world-famous cryptocurrency startup Coinbase has acquired a digital identity startup Distributed Systems and to develop digital identity solutions.

When to Convert Your Coin Post-TGE

Adrian Guttridge, CEO of BlockchainWarehouse and FinTech/InsurTech Business Advisor to Axpire, shares his insights into the key aspects of crypto converting and taxation for those willing to save some money.

Monero (XMR) Price Analysis: Trends of August 16–22, 2018

XMR continues its downward trending after breaking of $130 distribution level, the pair will experience further downward movement and get exposed to another strong accumulation level at $55.

Crypto Investor Files $224M Lawsuit Against AT&T for Mobile-Hack

Michael Terpin has charged AT&T for the SIM-swap fraud wherein the hacker managed to impersonate his identity and gain access to his cryptocurrency accounts.

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Trends of August 14-20, 2018

TRXUSD continues its bearish movement in the long-term outlook, there should be caution and patience in taking positions as the price could reverse its movement upward in case there is enough bullish pressure.

Blockchain-based Crown League Breaks New Ground In Fantasy Football

The first professional fantasy football league wants to give its members the perfect impression of being a team owner. The aim is ambitious, so are the funding expectations: the project wants to raise nearly $100 million.

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