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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

British Police Seize £1.25 Million in Bitcoin from Criminal

During the raid at the house of a criminal charged for money laundering and cultivation of cannabis the police found a crypto wallet with 295 Bitcoins. After the conviction the forces got entitled to confiscate the cryptos.

Mass Adoption of Crypto and Blockchain is ‘Still Five to Six Years Away’, Says Mike Novogratz

One of the richest people in cryptocurrency explained the importance of the due regulatory approach of the crypto sphere for its mass adoption and shared noteworthy opinion on the influence of retail investors on this process.

Final Test Network Launched for Ethereum Payments Channel Raiden

The final testnet features a preventative recovery mode implemented through a rewritten smart contract code.

CFPB Launches Fintech Regulatory Sandbox To Foster Blockchain Innovation

The new fintech regulatory sandbox will look into activities of individual microlending while developing new alternatives for the traditional credit scores. 

International Data Corporation Report: Spending on Blockchain Solutions to Hit $11.7 Billion by 2022

According to International Data Corporation’s expectation, the annual growth rate of blockchain solutions would amount to 75% through 2022.

FinTech News

The new fintech regulatory sandbox will look into activities of individual microlending while developing new alternatives for the traditional credit scores. 

Blockchain Poised to Boost Speed of Financial Transactions

Money transfers have always been an expensive and slow process, especially when it comes to cross-border payments. Optherium Labs, a global Fintech company fully licensed in the EU, comes to change the story.

ValPromise Ecosystem Uses Blockchain to Revolutionize Risk Management

ValPromise believes that blockchain can fully tap the potential of index insurance, futures and options markets. Its first project – Tianqibao, which provides weather risk hedging and insurance services – has already gained popularity.

Monzo Joins Forces with TransferWise to Provide Cross-border Transfers

The deal will let Monzo users send money from their current account to 16 of the most popular currencies, with some more added in the future.

PayPal Launches MasterCard-branded Debit Card for Its Mobile App Venmo

Now Venmo users will have more opportunities to use their Venmo balances, as PayPal will offer them debit cards for payments in the real world.

Internet Of Things News

GMO Internet Group leverages the robust blockchain technology to streamline an interbank settlement system and create “next-generation” banking services.

A crypto startup Stronghold is launching a new stablecoin in partnership with IBM. The coin is pegged against the US dollar and is now available to institutional clients. Secures $11M and Launches SQL-based IoT Data Platform

The investments, according to the company, will be used to expand the platform’s capabilities, grow its development team, and fulfill marketing and sales plans.

Leading Software Manufacturer SAP is Launching Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

The new platform aims at making blockchain actionable for enterprise customers by integrating the technology into SAP portfolio. It will provide support for Hyperledger Fabric and MultiChain.

IOTA Shoots Up After the Beta Release of the Trinity Wallet

Amid beta release of the Trinity wallet, the new wallet client for the IOTA project, IOTA price was seen gaining nearly 20% on Tuesday.

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