The latest recession in the cryptocurrency market has caused a sharp fall in the valuations of several altcoins, many of which are on the verge to get extinct.

Bitmain going public at $18 billion will be the highest IPO in the history which will bring a lot of traditional market players to the crypto space.

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Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Trends of August 14-20, 2018

To traders and investors, TRX is now extremely cheap and attractive. Given this, further selling pressure may still be experienced, however, the coming rally will be significant when it does occur.

Blockchain-based Crown League Breaks New Ground In Fantasy Football

The first professional fantasy football league wants to give its members the perfect impression of being a team owner. The aim is ambitious, so are the funding expectations: the project wants to raise nearly $100 million.

Coinbase Continues to Register 50,000 Users Each Day, Says CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO has shared his thoughts on the future of digital currencies in a recent interview with Bloomberg’s host Emily Chang in San Francisco.

Papusha Rocket Will Use Blockchain and Space Tech to Reduce Pollution

Fintech startup Papusha Rocket Technology introduces a new project that makes the process of converting toxic waste into reusable products a reality.

Staking Coins on a Cold Wallet is Now Possible Thanks to Particl and Ledger

Leading hardware wallet provider Ledger now supports Particl (PART) cryptocurrency to allow for safe and secure staking on a cold wallet.

CBOE Wants To Be The First In the Race of Bitcoin ETF Approval

As the race for getting the approval of Bitcoin ETF gets intensified, CBOE President talks of the advantages of being first while getting the correct liquidity for the investment product.

Ripple Continues Its Expansion Targeting Market of China

Aiming to expand its operations across the Asian region, Ripple is now planning to promote its distributed ledger-based payments platform in China.

Venezuela is Set to Use its Controversial Petro Cryptocurrency as an Official Accounting Unit

Petro cryptocurrency is to receive an official status of the Venezuelan second official currency, which is believed to be a tool for overcoming economic difficulties.

Crypto Goes Green: Using Renewable Energy in Cloud Mining

Alexander Petersons, crypto-enthusiast and a product director of cloud mining service, shares insights into how to make crypto mining not only more environmentally-friendly, but also less expensive.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Ruby-x Launches Trading Competition With $10M Worth Of Prizes

The platform has decided to turn its launch into a grand opening event. The users of the platform will get two chances to win some USDT or even a mobile house for their trading skills.

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Nyca Partners, and Others Lead Axoni’s $32 Million Series B Funding Round

A number of prominent companies participated in $32 million Series B funding round of Axoni, the software developer from New York.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [August 4 – 10, 2018]

This week, the crypto market continued the bear trend. Major cryptocurrencies suffered price delince more than 10%. Among which, XRP got hammered and experienced greates loss of 26.2%. Apart from emotional factors, the major reason for this hit is the news that SEC rejected the application of Bitcoin ETF. We’ll dive deeper into this issue in the report.

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