Several Members of Superiors’ Team Leave EOS’ Creator to Start Up StrongBlock

Key employees from Peter Thiel-led startup Block.One have left to form their own venture, StrongBlock, claiming that their former company did not address a specific need in the blockchain marketplace.

Sydney Uni’s Blockchain Proves Unprecedented Speed and Energy Efficiencies on Latest Trials

The blockchain that was created by the University of Sydney and CSIRO’s Data61 is able process transactions significantly faster than any public blockchain.

Boxing Clever: Understanding The Role of Smart Contracts in Blockchain Transactions

Expert in the spheres of AI and Machine Learning, Dmytro Spilka provides detailed look into Smart Contracts, sharing his insights into the technology’s present and future.

Mt. Gox Trustee Sold Over $230M Worth of Crypto, the Entire Market Corrects

The Mt. Gox trustee has disclosed some more details on the company’s rehabilitation process and confirmed the sale of over $230 million worth of crypto.

5 Innovative Uses of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain tech was built for Bitcoin, but its future is much broader and more interesting than that origin might suggest. It’s already being used in some very creative ways, and as the years go by, it’s sure to find numerous more innovative uses.

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [September 16-23, 2018]

Report presents data on the crypto market movements over 2018, with special focus given to the analysis of trends of September 2018, notably September 16-23, 2018.

Weekly ICO Market Analysis [September 17-23, 2018]

This report covers data on ICO market trends of 2018, with special attention given to the analysis of market movements in September 2018, most notably September 17-23, 2018.

Google Reverses the Cryptocurrency Ads Ban for Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Google will manually approve the blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses providing better investor protection and weeding out illegitimate services and frauds.

Circle Invest Adds EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum Now Totaling to 11 Cryptos Listed

Investment platform Circle has listed EOS, Stellar, 0x and Qtum on its platform. The assets can be bought through the Circle Invest platform either individually or as part of a basket using the “Buy the Market” retail portfolio investment feature.

Five of the Most Promising Crypto Projects with Real-Life Potential

Ten years on from the launch of the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin, there are thousands of cryptos in existence today, each with a unique function. Which of them are most likely to truly change the world?

Now Almost Anyone Can List a Cryptocurrency on Coinbase, XRP Investors Celebrate

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced some changes in its listing policy. The new listing process, compliant with local laws, will be faster and will welcome wider range of digital currencies.

Everything You Need to Know about Equity Tokens [Infographic]

The digital marketing company Cyberius has prepared a new infographic showing key details of how to run ICO campaigns and select proper type of digital tokens.

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