Basis’ Stable Coin is believed to help curb volatility by adjusting the supply depending on the demand while keeping the value of each token around one USD.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

Trading Tips: From Diamonds in the Rough, to Whales in the Fork

Blue Whale Network, a new decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed, brings a new meaning to crypto ‘whales.’

Blockchain Comes to Movie Industry as White Rabbit Signs Movie Deal with K5 International

Video streaming company White Rabbit fighting piracy has added more than 50 K5 films, including Oscar-nominated “Land of Mine”, to its library.

Bittwatt’s Smart Energy Grid Makes Renewable Energy More Cost Competitive

BittWatt introduces smart energy management tools to enable green consumer optimize energy choices and embrace more new, clean technologies.

Amazon Won Patent for Data Stream to Identify Bitcoin Users for Law Enforcement

Amazon has been awarded a patent for a “streaming data marketplace,” where information is combined into a dataset to provide real-life identities to the government.

Cryptos Take on Revolutionizing the Lending Market

A number of most innovative startups, with Estonia-based among the first, to revolutionize lending industry by introducing kind of disrupting fintech solution.

Price-Stable Cryptocurrency Project Basis Raised $133M from Top Investors

Basis’ Stable Coin is believed to help curb volatility by adjusting the supply depending on the demand while keeping the value of each token around one USD.

FinTech News

CoinMetro, a decentralized financial service provider designed to facilitate compliance of Blockchain-based setups with country-specific regulatory requirements, raises over 11.5 Million EUR from its TGE.

Singapore Attracted Record $229 Million FinTech Funding in 2017

Singapore proves to be one of the most important Asia-based fintech hubs – and the role of the government in this success can hardly be overestimated.

Square Cash Expands Bitcoin Buying and Selling Option to All Users in the U.S.

Square’s Cash App will incorporate Bitcoin trading facility at zero commission charges.

International Digital Asset Exchange Council (IDAXC) Brings ‘Real-Asset’ Crypto Sector Closer to Reality

An international digital asset exchange council has been formed as a step towards the adoption of global standards for tokenization of assets and to improve regulatory measures for asset exchanging and digitization.

BlockEx Raises Over $24M in ICO, Selected Among Top 100 Most Influential FinTech Сompanies

Following outstanding ICO performance where London-based fintech company has managed to reach the $24M threshold, world first-class financial and innovative experts now include BlockEx in the TOP100 most influential companies of blockchain industry.

Internet Of Things News

The leader of the industry is planning on the significant development of the IoT and has all the chances to cause the explosive growth of the sphere: generous investment combined with solid experience seems to be promising.

Taipei Partners with IOTA to Become a Blockchain-Powered Smart City

With a view to become a smart city, Taipei partners with IOTA to provide its residents with a wide range of new technological advantages.

Nvidia Limits the Use of GeForce or Titan Chips in Data Centers Not Involved in Mining

Sheer demand for graphic cards results into increase of its price for everyone but cryptocurrency miners.

Baidu and Xiaomi Partner on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence

Chinese competitor to Google and world-known smartphone maker combine their efforts to open up new levels of the Internet of Things.

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