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Story of the Day

Cryptocurrency market faced significant correction today.

Here’re the key highlights from this week’s two payment technology conferences – Sibos 2017 by SWIFT and Swell 2017 by Ripple.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

QuantConnect Partners with Coinbase’s GDAX Exchange to Include Cryptocurrencies in Algorithmic Trading Strategies

QuantConnect announced the launch of cryptocurrency support. It became possible due to integration with Coinbase’s Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX).

Bitcoin Price Drops by 9%, Ethereum and Ripple Are Also Down

Cryptocurrency market faced significant correction today.

Russian-based Startup SGA Consulting Launched ICO to Expand its Services to U.S., UK, China, Japan

SGA Consulting is innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening and closing positions on the financial markets for profit clients.

Key Highlights from the Sibos 2017 and Swell 2017 Conferences

Here’re the key highlights from this week’s two payment technology conferences – Sibos 2017 by SWIFT and Swell 2017 by Ripple.

Snip-Bancor Partnership Takes to the Next Level, Rewards Investors with Free Coins

Snip-Bancor partnership takes to the next level, rewards investors with free coins in order to add thousands of BNT holders to the Snip network.

Microsoft Launches Blockchain for Azure Government

The government agencies will have an access to the blockchain technology in the Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud platform to keep their data safe.

FinTech News

The company has successfully completed the first day of trading, what demonstrates the growing investor interest in Japan’s fintech industry

TransferWise Announces Apple Pay Support for Money Transfers in the US

The London-based financial technology startup will enable customers in the United States to transfer money via its platform using Apple Pay.

6 Cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrency Liquidity from 7 Exchanges Now Available in Meta Trader 5

B2Broker has launched new solution for brokers working with Meta Trader 5

Revolut Secured 66 Million in its Series B Funding Round

The UK-based payments company will use the investments to further expand its operations and allow users to purchase and sell digital currency.

UK Fintech Startup Curve Launches ‘Financial Time Travel’ for Your Credit and Debit Cards

Curve provides one card that can aggregate all of their existing Mastercard and Visa payment cards and lets you retroactively switch the card you use to pay.

Internet Of Things News

Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and services will see spending of $ 1.7 trillion in 2020.

Amazon Releases $20 Dash Wand with Alexa Inside, Free to Prime Members

Amazon has introduced its Dash Wand with Alexa to allow you buy everything.

Google Launches Cloud IoT Core Service for Enterprises

The company has announced its new service that will help businesses to manage their Internet of Things (IoT) devices and collect data from these gadgets.

Amazon Unveils the Echo Show, Available to Pre-Order Now for $230

Called Amazon Echo Show, the new device features a built-in touchscreen that allows users to communicate with their friends by making hands-free video calls.

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Green Mining in the Austrian Alps