NYDFS Grants Yet Another BitLicense, Now It’s Time for NY Digital Investment Group to Celebrate

New York Digital Investment Group has recently become the 14th company to be granted with BitLicense by the NYDFS.

Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC under Harsh Pressure

The major crypto continues falling on Thursday, trading at around $5,768, says Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex.

After BCH Hard Fork: The Hash War Might Result Into Detrimental Outcomes

Here’s a look into some of the possibilities post the BCH hard fork and what can happen if Bitcoin SV manages to occupy the majority hash power. Put your seat-belts ON.

About 1M ETH or Almost 1 Percent of the Total Supply Locked in MakerDAO Smart Contracts

According to Mike McDonald, MKR.tools creator, almost 1 percent of the total Ethereum supply (about 1 million Ethereum) is currently locked in MakerDAO smart contracts.

Kik Messenger Giant Chooses Stellar Over Ethereum for Its Kin Token Launch

After working for some months on two blockchains simultaneously, Kik has taken a decision to stop building on Ethereum and to work with Stellar only.

Hash War is On: Craig Wright Threatens to Crash Bitcoin Price Down to $1000

Craig Wright, the man claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto and pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, has threatened to crash the price of ‘his’ headline cryptocurrency if miners support the Bitcoin Cash ABC project in the upcoming fork.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM/USD Trends of November 15-21, 2018

The strong bearish candle that broke down the demand levels of $0.25 and $0.23 and closed below the dynamic support and resistance is an indication that downtrend movements in Stellar price may continue.

Bitcoin and the Overall Cryptocurrency Market Make a New Low for 2018

The bloodbath in the cryptocurrency market saw almost all of the top ten cryptocurrencies losing 10-12% of its price in a single day. Overall market cap dropped by $28 billion.

IMF Head Christine Lagarde Calls For Central Banks Digital Currencies

IMF’s Managing Director called for central banks digital currencies, stating that they could provide financial inclusion, security, and consumer protection, which can not be offered by the private sector.

Target’s Official Twitter Account Falls Victim to Bitcoin Scammers, Google Becomes the Next

Cryptocurrency scams stand up on a new level as nowadays the biggest industry players are caught into a trap of the frequent Bitcoin frauds.