Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is launching a new cryptocurrency-based data feed together with blockchain startup Blockstream.

Two major cryptocurrencies show the signs of recovery after last-week’s market crashdown. The third largest, Ripple, also gains pace with 68% growth.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

Institutional Investors Will be Brought into Crypto Markets with XTRADE.IO

By bringing mature financial technologies to cryptocurrency markets, Blockchain-based startup XTRADE.IO wants to create a platform that will serve as an onramp for institutional investors.

LockChain Launches Its 0% Commission Travel Marketplace for Hotels and Short Term Rentals

The blockchain-based service makes a promising start: the alpha release provides integration with over 600 bookable properties that are about 18% cheaper than the same offers of LockChain’s leading competitor.

NYSE-Parent Company ICE and Blockstream Launch Consolidated Data Feed for Cryptocurrencies

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is launching a new cryptocurrency-based data feed together with blockchain startup Blockstream.

Meet Tap Project: A Universal Platform for Gamers, By Gamers

A new project will allow gamers to keep the rewards they’ve earned and move them seamlessly between games.

Is Crypto Investment the Next Big Thing for Institutional Investors?

Crypto investment portfolio is the next disruption in asset management.

Crypto Betting Platform XWIN CryptoBet Disrupts Conventional Gambling

Blockchain-based betting platform XWIN CryptoBet aims to create more stable, secure and transparent system for both players and bookmakers.

FinTech News

The consumer launch of UK-based startup Curve was described as a major milestone for the whole fintech industry on its way to disrupt conventional banking system. Up until now, the service was running in beta version exclusively available to business users.

Chain is now developing Ivy, Bitcoin-based programming language, used to facilitate coding of smart contracts and compete with Ethereum platform.

Mobile Banking App Revolut Adds Cryptocurrency Trading

Mobile banking app Revolut adds Ether and Litecoin trading to its application-based service.

After Successful ICO, VR Startup Decentraland Plans First Land Sale

On the eve of Virtual Revolution: VR platform Decentraland creates new universe announcing its first land auction to take place in December.

Fintech Startup MarketInvoice Getting into Small Business Lending

MarketInvoice has expanded its mission in the field of business financing by launching business loans today. This will complement their set of financial decisions for invoices, which will enable them to better serve the needs of the British business in working capital.

Berlin-based Mobile Bank N26 Plans to Enter the U.S Market by Mid-2018

During the Money20/20 Conference in Las Vegas, mobile bank N26 announced plans to enter the U.S. Market by Mid-2018.

Internet Of Things News

Sheer demand for graphic cards results into increase of its price for everyone but cryptocurrency miners.

Chinese competitor to Google and world-known smartphone maker combine their efforts to open up new levels of the Internet of Things.

Tencent Teams up with Intel for Internet of Things Blockchain Solution

Tencent, the Chinese media and technology company, and Intel have announced a partnership based on blockchain technology.

Oracle Partners with Mitsubishi to Develop IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing

Using Oracle Cloud, new Mitsubishi Electric’s Internet of Things platform enables rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of production site data.

Microsoft Unveils Its First Cortana-enabled GLAS IOT Thermostat

The major software producer has announced a new smart home device to provide a simple way to monitor home air quality and ensure energy savings.

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