ALFAcoins Cryptocurrency Payments Company Launches an Updated User-Friendly Website
December 20th, 2016

ALFAcoins has announced the launch of a new website to match its updated cryptocurrency service offering.

Create Cryptocurrencies Backed With Real-World Collateral on Decentralized OpenLedger Blockchain
February 8th, 2016

The possibilities for innovation are near limitless with OpenLedger offering the option for each and every user to add their own Coin by creating simple IOU’s, SmartCoins that are backed with real-world collateral and/or deploy their own graphene-powered blockchain.

Meet Zcash, an Anonymous Alternative Version of Bitcoin
January 26th, 2016

Zcash has many similar features with bitcoin although it strives to be as anonymous as cash.

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Announces Company Launch and Book for Small Business Owners in 2016
December 15th, 2015

DNotes today announced the early 2016 release of a book for small business owners.

XMLGold Launches Instant Bank Transfer For Buying Bitcoin
November 30th, 2015

Established in 2000, Digital Currency trading platform XMLGold is pleased to announce a new Instant Bank Transfer service for clients wishing to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Pioneering Aten ”Black Gold” Coin to Offer New Patented Digital Wallets
July 6th, 2015

NAC Announces August 15, 2015 Launch Date of 100% AML/KYC Compliant Coin

Reddit Loses Redditcoin Since Main Digital Currency Engineer Is Let Go
January 30th, 2015

Ryan X Charles has been let go from his post as digital currency engineer on social platform Reddit.

Bitfinex Partnered with Tether, New Fiat Currency Platform Based on Blockchain
January 19th, 2015

Bitfinex entered into partnership with a token backed fiat currency system, dubbed Tether.

Burning Man Began Accepting Donations in Cryptocurrency Through Coinbase
December 25th, 2014

Popular art festival, Burning Man, which is held in Nevada every year, announced it has started accepting donations in the digital currency.

Californian Bitcoin Exchange Buttercoin Was Launched in the US
November 6th, 2014

Newly launched bitcoin trading platform, Buttercoin, will allow customers to buy and sell digital currency in one day.

The Cryptocurrency Glossary
August 19th, 2014

Are you confused by some of the terms used on CoinSpeaker? To get you started, here is the beginning of our glossary of cryptocurrency terms.

PropinaBitcoin Promotes Bitcoin Awareness in Latin America
August 2nd, 2014

PropinaBitcoin, a new project that aims to spread the bitcoin awareness in Latin America through the use of cryptocurrency for real-world tipping, has just launched.

‘The Corporation’ Movie Uses Cryptocurrencies to Increase Its Project Funding
July 29th, 2014

New croudfunding campaign was launched to match fiat funding for the re-release of ‘The Corporation’ film.