Bitfinex’s Protection Service Provider Cloudflare Reports a Major Server Outage

Updated on Jul 3, 2019 at 7:31 am UTC by · 2 min read

Cloudflare’s wide range of clientele which includes Bitfinex, are currently been affected by a blackout on the end of the Security Service Provider in different locations.

Top CDN (Content Delivery Network) as well as Bitfinex‘s security service provider – Cloudflare, has reported being under duress. The DDoS server-side cloud service provider in multiple locations, has been hit by network performance issues amounting to a total blackout in its servers.

The Cloudflare network, believed to be powered by data centers in over 180 cities around the world, just experienced a major incident that impacted all of the Cloudflare services worldwide. 

However, in a feed on the platform’s performance page, the team reports that everything was back to normal circa 14:50 UTC.

Cloudflare claims to have a counter-measure in place to fix this issue as it is currently monitoring the results hence assuring its Customers not to fret stating in the report:

“Major outage impacted all Cloudflare services globally. We saw a massive spike in CPU that caused primary and secondary systems to fall over. We shut down the process that was causing the CPU spike. Service restored to normal within ~30 minutes. We’re now investigating the root cause of what happened.”

Following a description of the problem definition on the Cloudflare performance and system service status page, a tremendous spike was observed in CPU at about 14:20 UTC, which resulted in the dim-out of both the CDN’s primary and auxiliary systems. 

According to a recent tweet by one of the Major Subscribers to the Cloudflare Network – Bitfinex, the Security and Cloud service provider giants’ services are currently down. The Hong Kong-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange platform, speculated by many to be the biggest crypto trading platform prior to its 2016 hacking incident amounting to a colossal loss.

At the wake of these developments, another Asian cryptocurrency Exchange platform registers a similar system failure. Bagging the question of whether or not this is a cryptocurrency related attack or just another bad day for the Cloud Service Providers.


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