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We’re proud to offer multiple options for advertising on our website, all of which designed to generate wide audience outreach. Coinspeaker team’s expertise combined with site’s vast readership will enhance project’s media exposure bringing more customers on board.

Coinspeaker is a completely independent news source covering Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech and IoT news. Our coverage spans every aspect of the bitcoin and altcoin markets, featuring a mix of regular Tech Wraps, daily and weekly Market Updates, expert interviews and much more. Our team of 15+ dedicated, professional financial journalists delivers the core story in a professional and unbiased way.

Our Statistics

Over 4 years of our history we managed to achieve:

  • 6000+ articles published
  • 250 000 unique users read us monthly
  • 2 000 000  page views monthly
  • 4500+ people follow us on Twitter
  • 2000 followers on Facebook

Advertising Options

1. Banners:

Given Coinspeaker’s 2 000 000+  monthly page views, disposing your banners on top of our website will grant building relevant traffic and enhanced brand recognition.

We’re glad to offer several options here. Most common include:

  • 336x280px / 300x250px banner in sidebar (top position);
  • 336x280px / 300x250px banner in sidebar (center position);
  • 336x280px / 300x250px banner in sidebar (bottom position);
  • 1028x90px banner in header;
  • 1028x90px banner in footer.

2. Native Advertising

Our native advertising is targeted and intuitive. We respect our readers and do not irritate them with high-pressure adds. Instead, we choose to share well-thought-out and catchy materials about worthy projects.

3. Social Media Promotion

We are developing efficient custom-made social media strategies designed to generate vast audience outreach. Regular and timely posted publications on social networks will surely win over project’s target audience.

4. Articles creation and placement

Informative and catchy articles are a great way to attract customers’ attention to your business. With perfect blend of up-to-date news and high-quality promotional content, your project will gain strong traction among the target audience.

5. Press releases placement

Post your press releases on our web-site and more than 250 000 unique monthly users will be kept updated about your company’s latest news and developments. As all the press releases are disposed at the Home Page in Press Releases section, generation of a great viewship is assured.

6. ICO advertising

We love contributing to ICO projects, and that’s why we decided to create a special section for tracking ICO-related information. Coinspeaker’s ICO Calendar is designed to help our readers and your perspective customers find all the relevant information about coming, ongoing and finished Token Sales.This tool will not only facilitate your company’s strong exposure but also translate latest ICO-related news to our vast readership.

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