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Tech News

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Technology news includes real-time updates on Blockchain, Fintech, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Cyber Security, electronic gadgets, etc. There’s no doubt that technology is driving the world towards a largely digitized space.

Social media, the internet, and blockchain have been a significant part of the tech world as tech giants look to make considerable investments in those innovations.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a public, digitized ledger for recording and verifying crypto transactions. Blockchain was built in such a way that transactions recorded on it cannot be changed or altered. Blockchain’s success story has paved the way for its adoption in other fields such as election, logistics, transportation, personal identification, etc. Several top companies now employ the use of blockchain for operational tasks in order to enhance their mode of operation.

Cyber Security

Technology is employed in every field to enhance privacy, security as well as operation speed. Over the years, cyber-crime has continued to be a major thorn in tech’s flesh as hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in tech products. Cyber security firms have been given the task of curbing cyber-crimes and pave the way for more investors.


Fintech simply means financial technology and it involves the application of technological tools and software into financial services and operations. Fintech has seen massive adoption in the past decade as several industries such as banking, education, fundraising, health, venture management, etc. continue to reckon its importance.

The top five tech companies around the world are Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, etc. and they worth over four trillion dollars combined.

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