Dubai-based Billium Is Launching Copy Trading Platform

On May 31, 2022 at 3:08 pm UTC by · 3 min read

The Billium Copy Trading service is a mutually beneficial product offering for all involved as beginners tend to benefit from the professionals who generally have a higher chance of entering profitable trades.

Billium, an emerging cryptocurrency trading platform is pushing new frontiers with the development of a robust Copy Trading platform that will be available for all users. According to details shared with Coinspeaker, the Billium platform is currently in its Beta testing phase, but with records that show it is set to offer a unique experience for all of its prospective users.

While it offers both spot and margin trading products, Billium hopes to be a pioneer of Copy Trading in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Through the Copy Trading platform, Billium helps in connecting beginners in the trading game with professional traders and creates a platform for everyone to succeed.

The amateur traders will gain access to the trades, statistics, records, and strategies of the professional and they can copy the trading as their own in real-time. The exchange is designed with powerful algorithms to make the trade orders very fast, making the copy traders not miss any updates from their attached professional.

The Billium Copy Trading service is a mutually beneficial product offering for all involved as beginners tend to benefit from the professionals who generally have a higher chance of entering profitable trades. The professionals, on the other hand, tend to get a very robust commission from all of the traders copying them when their trades are successful.

Setting the Stage for Copy Trading Success

Copy Trading is a social trading service that is just gaining momentum in the digital currency ecosystem. While there are a number of outfits that promotes Copy Trading, Billium takes the extra effort to set its users up for success in different respects.

Not just anyone can sign up as a professional trader with Billium. The exchange has very stringent selection criteria, going the extra mile to ensure that only traders with verifiable success rates can be featured on its platform.

Billium as a money service business is registered with Dubai market regulators, guaranteeing a high level of security amongst investors and traders alike. The platform works with a high level of customer-service-driven privacy, and while high volume trading is susceptible to regulatory scrutiny and asset seizure, Billium users do not have to worry about such occurrences.

Funds flagged by the exchange’s algorithms or other external sources are not frozen on Billium but rather refunded to the sender, giving every user a safety net.

Billium is also designed with a very liquid order book as it collects its liquidity from top crypto exchanges around the world, thus eliminating all forms of slippages. The overall design of Billium enhances profitability as users can get up to a 5x leverage on the platform, and security is very well enhanced as users can always enable 2FA.

Further Platform Development

With Billium under active development, the protocol shared with Coinspeaker that its native token, ‘BILT’, as well as its mobile apps on both the Google PlayStore and the AppStore are currently under development.

While the majority of the exchange’s milestones are set to be announced in no distant future, the Billium platform from its currently accessible features has shown enormous promises.


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