Bityard Launched Copy Trading System to Benefit both Copiers and Traders

Place/Date: Singapore - January 12th, 2021 at 6:32 pm UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Bityard, Source: Bityard

Bityard Launched Copy Trading System to Benefit both Copiers and Traders

Bityard recently launched the copy trading system for CFD (contract for difference) trading, allowing users to copy trading activities from advanced traders, which greatly reduces the difficulty of crypto investment for beginners. Via Bityard copy trading system, beginners can learn how to trade correctly from the experts, and traders who get copied and followed can receive extra profits from each successful trade while getting copied. Right now, Bityard copy trading service is available on different devices including mobiles and PCs.

On January 8th, Bitcoin surpassed $41,000 to set all-time high. Even though down to under $40,000 afterwards, Bitcoin still has been attracting more and more investors to enter the market. However, cryptocurrencies are different than many types of asset since the prices are much more unstable, which makes it much harder for junior investors to establish proper investing strategies for crypto CFD trading.

In the past, many investors would go online and look for investment advices from any finance related communities. There were also people called signal providers who shared trading strategies or information which might include cryptocurrency type to invest, position opening time, or level of leverage so that other investors online could follow the instructions to trade. The invention of copy trading system of trading service providers makes it much more convenient for investors to copy other traders since the copy trading process can be completed on one place online. Investors don’t need to go to different online groups for signals then trade somewhere else anymore. Bityard, a fast-growing crypto exchange, also has developed a professional copy trading system which will greatly benefit both copiers and signal providers (or, advanced traders).

On Bityard, when a user wants to copy a trader, the user only needs to find one among all the traders with good performance, and complete the trading setting to start copying. The process is pretty simple and easy.

Bityard copy trading system allows users to flexibly manage the position settings, which includes their position margins. A copier can increase the position margin when the copier has confidence in a trader, and can also limit it to avoid huge losses due to possible forcedly closed positions.

There is a great number of top traders on Bityard. These traders all have been approved by Bityard so that the users can copy them without worries. All traders must complete a series of strict verification processes on Bityard before they get copied by other users. Once Bityard makes sure a trader is qualified enough, the trader will become “listed”, and the performance data of the trader will become visible to all Bityard users. Those data include profit rate, win rate, P/L ratio which shows the overall trading performance of the listed traders on Bityard.

Also, Bityard users can find different types of traders on Bityard via the trader tag function. Those tags are related to trading styles of the traders including “short term”, “aggressive”, “mainstream” and so on.

Bityard copy trading system doesn’t only benefit copiers. For listed traders, the copy trading system also brings them extra incomes. Any listed trader will get at least 8% commission from the profits of each successful trade while getting copied.

In addition, Bityard has brought more social features to its copy trading system. A listed trader on Bityard has their own personal homepage, where the trader can leave short self-introduction on the page. This will help other users to know more about the trader.

Bityard copy trading system has easy-to-understand user interface design with sophisticated functions, which makes trading much easier for copiers and crypto beginners. The system was developed with the service concept “Complex Contract, Simple Trade” by Bityard in order to bring more convenience and simplicity to users.