21 Inc

Bitcoin Startup 21 Inc Wants to Replace Your Public Email with an Inbox that Pays You
February 10th, 2017

The new tool 21 profile will help you to start monetizing your internet presence.

Now You Can Earn Bitcoins by Monitoring Uptime and Latency Thanks to 21 Inc’s Ping21
March 16th, 2016

Ping21 looks like the simplest possible example of grid-based computation.

21 Inc Unveils Bitcoin Micropayments Marketplace
March 12th, 2016

Developers will now be able to trade digital items for bitcoin through the globe’s first micropayments marketplace.

21 Inc Launches Service to See Realtime Bitcoin Transaction Fees
February 14th, 2016

21 Inc. launches a free online service that estimates the fees and delay associated with bitcoin transactions.

21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer Is Now Available for Purchase Using Bitcoin
January 17th, 2016

Now, customers can use their bitcoins to buy the 21 Bitcoin Computer, the tool allowing developers to build various Bitcoin-related apps.

Bitcoin Computer by 21 Inc Is Now Available for Purchase on Amazon
November 16th, 2015

The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a part of 21 Inc’s intention to add a bitcoin miner in every domestic device.

Bitcoin Is Still Alive and Its Technology Poised to Grow, Says 21 Inc’s CEO
October 22nd, 2015

Balaji Srinivasan, the head of bitcoin startup 21 Inc, says blockchain technology set to alter industries gain consumers.

Bitcoin Startup 21 Inc. Files a Patent for ‘Digital Currency Mining Circuitry’
October 19th, 2015

21 Inc, the best-funded company in bitcoin, has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a form of digital currency mining circuitry.

Startup 21 Inc. Announces the First Product, a ‘Bitcoin Computer’
September 22nd, 2015

The 21 Bitcoin Computer, an innovative project of 21 Inc., allows buying and selling goods or services for Bitcoin.

BitFury to Build a Technology Park in Georgia
June 2nd, 2015

BitFury has officially announced the development of new data center in Georgia.

21 Inc Wants to Add ‘Bitcoin Miner in Every Device and in Every Hand’
May 19th, 2015

21 Inc. has attracted investors and developed bitcoin mining chip enabling a continuous stream of bitcoin to personal devices.

‘Digital Gold’: The Review of Nathaniel Popper’s New Book About Bitcoin
May 18th, 2015

The new book “Digital Gold,” written by New York Times reporter Nick Szabo, tells the story of bitcoin development and mentions the potential candidate for the role of cryptocurrency creator.

Startup ’21 Inc’ Wants to Put Bitcoin Miner in Toaster
May 10th, 2015

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. is in plans to develop new technology that will promote the usage and mining of digital currency.