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Payment processor is a company that handles transactions between two parties, usually a merchant and a customer. It accomplishes the payment by relaying the payment information, like a credit card, from the customer to the merchant’s preferred bank account.

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Harmony partnered with Everstake, a Staking Service Platform will now add support for Harmony Nodes to their customer base.

While blockchain is conquering more and more spheres, it may be rather sensible to consider it as a new option for your career development and professional growth.

Bitmain Can Reach $12B Valuation After Purchase of 600,000 Crypto Mining Chips

Bitmain firm, Bitcoin (BTC) mining giant is purchasing more crypto mining chips that could result in a surprising profit of $1.2 billion.

Overstock’s Patrick Byrne Steps Down From His CEO Position

In recent news, Patrick Byrne, the long-time CEO of Overstock has announced in a letter to shareholders, that he is stepping down from his position. His position will be temporarily replaced by Jonathan Johnson.

VMware Acquires Carbon Black and Pivotal for $2.1B and $2.7B Respectively

VMware yesterday announced the acquisition of Pivotal for $2,7 billion and Carbon Black for $2,1 billion! Together the company has nearly spent $5 billion in order to expand its products and services.

Ripple Puts Remittance Company Xendpay on Board

RippleNet supports currencies that were previously inaccessible to the remittance firm. So called “smaller currencies,” including the Malaysian ringgit or Bangladeshi taka, formerly required Xendpay to form local banking partnerships.

Coinbase Wallet Unveils WalletLink Letting Users Access DApps on Desktop Browsers

The WalletLink feature provides a secure encrypted link connecting the browser to the Coinbase Wallet app and letting users access the DApps from anywhere.