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The judge threw out the charges against website designer who had been accused of unlawful transfer and laundering of bitcoins.

Blockstream Acquires GreenAddress, Bitcoin Wallet Software Provider

The acquisition took place after long joint work and will enables the companies to remain at the forefront of innovation.

IBM, NASDAQ and Others to Speak at Infocast’s First-Ever Blockchain World Congress

The globe’s major organizations, including Nasdaq, IBM, Microsoft and American Express, are expected to take part in the upcoming blockchain event in New York.

SatoshiPay Partners with Visa Europe’s Innovation Department to Expand Nanopayment System

The cooperation with Visa will allow SatoshiPay to enhance its micro-payment technology.

Bitcoin Is Not Money, Miami State Judge Rules

The judge threw out the charges against website designer who had been accused of unlawful transfer and laundering of bitcoins.

Ethereum Classic Is 3rd In the List of Top World’s Cryptocurrencies After Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum Classic now takes the sixth position in the list of cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization.

Ernst & Young’s Report Anticipates Blockchain To Reach Critical Mass in 3-5 Years

Ernst and Young explains that financial industry is far from being the only one that can benefit from the blockchain technology.

FinTech News

The companies have combined its experience to offer precise index representation of FinTech that now includes 49 companies.

Banks Struggle to Keep Pace with FinTech Companies, Says World Retail Banking Report 2016

Capgemini and Efma publish an annual report on Retail Banking that highlights points of view of banking customers and banking executives from around the world on FinTech.

PayPal Credit Rolls Out in the UK with an Interest-Free Option

Customers in the UK can use PayPal Credit through the official website or authorized retailers.

Life.Sreda Partnered with Fintech Expert to Establish $100M Blockchain Investment Fund

The Singapore-based venture capital company has launched a new fund in an effort to boost investments in the blockchain technology startups.

BNP Paribas and Bank of Ireland Test Blockchain

BNP Paribas and Bank of Ireland demonstrate the disruptive potential of the Blockchain technology.

Internet Of Things News

Several companies have collaborated to address challenges of connecting billions of devices across multiple sectors.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) holds great potential to change the industrial sector and improve economic productivity by adding trillions of dollars to the global economy.

Intel Cuts Expenditures to Focus on Internet of Things

Intel is planning to continue investing in the Internet of Things as it sees the potential of the market.

Google’s Nest Announces OpenThread To Supersede Amazon

OpenThread will allow Nest to attract more IoT partners and to deliver a best-in-class implementation of Thread.

John Deere Integrates Industrial IoT Platform to Boost Factory Efficiency

The UK-based agricultural vehicles producer took further steps into the IoT sector with a new partnership that is planned to expand the company’s capabilities.

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