What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a means of crowdfunding to release a new cryptocurrency/project. Traditionally, the sale of tokens is organized before the cryptocurrency is released in order to raise money for technical development. ICO is notable for little or no government regulation. Learn more about ICO List below:

  • Title / Description
  • Opening Date
  • Closing Date
  • ICO Page

ZEUS EcoCryptoMining is not only cryptocurrency mining

Oct 25th, 2017
Nov 25th, 2017

The first digital marketplace based on blockchain technology.

Oct 14th, 2017
Nov 25th, 2017

First global marketplace for scrap metal trade based on blockchain and smart-contracts system

Nov 9th, 2017
Nov 25th, 2017

Decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform

Oct 19th, 2017
Nov 26th, 2017

Decentralized marketplace trading in-game items globally

Oct 30th, 2017
Nov 28th, 2017

Copy-trading Platform for cryptocurrencies

Nov 24th, 2017
Dec 24th, 2017

The 1st Global Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain

Nov 27th, 2017
Dec 17th, 2017

The product of BANKEX is the Proof-of-Asset Protocol

Nov 28th, 2017
Dec 28th, 2017

indaHash is now set to tokenize the influencer industry via indaHash Coin.

Nov 29th, 2017
Dec 20th, 2017

Smart cryptocurrency for gaming & stock trading.

Dec 1st, 2017
Dec 15th, 2017

Confideal is a smart contract management service.

Nov 2nd, 2017
Nov 22nd, 2017

Become The Casino

Nov 14th, 2017
Nov 21st, 2017

SGA Consulting services – innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations.

Sep 21st, 2017
Nov 20th, 2017

The payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Oct 9th, 2017
Nov 20th, 2017

Green mining in the Austrian Alps

Oct 18th, 2017
Nov 19th, 2017
ICO News

With the development of Blockchain technology, many companies want to disrupt the Commodities industry.

Birdchain Wants to Monetize Your Unused SMS, Launches ICO

A new blockchain adaptation will allow regular mobile customers passive earnings from selling the unused SMS. The Birdchain app will sell unused customers’ SMS to businesses.

Meet Cedex: The World’s First Blockchain-Based Diamond Exchange

Using innovative technological solutions, CEDEX wants to transform the current diamond industry, making diamonds a transparent and fungible investment asset.

Nitro is Offering Users an Extended Revenue Opportunity

Transiting from leisure industry to a professional atmosphere has seen the sports and gaming industry rise exponentially both in revenue, participation and organisation.

How Bitcoin Has Breathed New Life Into Bitcoin Casino Betbit

According to the platform’s operator, the virtual currency has brought important advantages that will allow the casino to compete with other live gaming providers.

LiveEdu ICO – Bringing a Reform In Global Online Education With Blockchain Smart Contracts

LiveEDU is developing a completely decentralized online-learning platform on the blockchain network that imparts real-life project-based learning. LiveEDU ICO will go live next week from Nov 21st.