Initial Token Offering (ICO)

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It means a crowdfunding to release a new cryptocurrency/project. Traditionally, the sale of tokens is organized before the cryptocurrency is released in order to raise money for technical development. ICO is notable for little or no government regulation. Learn more about ICO List below:

  • Title / Description
  • Opening Date
  • Closing Date
  • ICO Page

Giftz - Loyalty Rewards On The Blockchain

Nov 24th, 2017
Feb 22nd, 2018

The future of freelancing will be onchain!

Jan 16th, 2018
Feb 28th, 2018

the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager

Jan 22nd, 2018
Feb 28th, 2018

The Ultimate eSports Betting Cryptocurrency

Dec 18th, 2017
Feb 28th, 2018

Decentralized Home Rental Platform

Dec 5th, 2017
Feb 28th, 2018

VALID is a fully integrated digital identity management platform

Feb 24th, 2018
Mar 17th, 2018

First blockchain asset management marketplace

Feb 26th, 2018
Mar 18th, 2018

Positioned as a ‘Green’ company, Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is an e-commerce marketplace for refurbished pre-owned consumer electronics.

Feb 28th, 2018
Mar 31st, 2018

The No1 Rewarding Music Social Media Network

Mar 1st, 2018
Apr 1st, 2018

Be a HashGainer Today

Mar 1st, 2018
Apr 30th, 2018

CEDEX -the First Ever Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange.

Jan 21st, 2018
Feb 21st, 2018

Investment instrument based on new generation blockchain.

Jan 20th, 2018
Feb 20th, 2018

A decentralized payment system powered by everyday consumption

Feb 14th, 2018
Feb 18th, 2018

The only True Decentralized P2P Lending Platform using Blockchain Technology

Jan 18th, 2018
Feb 18th, 2018

Decrease Load Times. Fight DDos.

Jan 14th, 2018
Feb 15th, 2018
ICO News

AI unites with blockchain tech to turn data into genuine, real-world AI solutions by connecting all parties and integrating all AI-based stages of app development and deployment in a single product.

Revolutionary 0% house edge gambling network Zero Edge has solved a “Casino-Always-Win” problem granting players and the house equal chances to win.

HADA DBank Plans to Become The First Blockchain-Based Islamic Bank

HADA DBank will fuse Islamic banking module with blockchain technology to let everyone enjoy the benefits of its transparency and risk sharing.

Altair VR is Creating the Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Encyclopedia

The company creates the platform where the best ideas of VR content will become actual simulations – and attracts first users offering 25% bonus during the pre-ITO.

AgroTechFarm Will Launch the Pre-ICO in Less than 24 Hours

ATF is the first token that allows the blockchain community to have easy access to advanced technologies in automated agro cultivation equipment manufacturing.

Art Connoisseurs Get Sneak Preview of Aditus Pay at Art Stage Singapore 2018

Aditus, the world’s first decentralized luxury access platform, had successfully completed the cryptocurrency payment at Art Stage 2018 expo in Singapore.

Blockchain-based Startup iPRONTO is Connecting Startups to Investors Through Incubators

iPRONTO intends to bring together the world’s best startups and connect them to the interested investors through the company’s very own incubation platform.