Initial Token Offering (ICO)

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It means a crowdfunding to release a new cryptocurrency/project. Traditionally, the sale of tokens is organized before the cryptocurrency is released in order to raise money for technical development. ICO is notable for little or no government regulation. Learn more about ICO List below:

  • Title / Description
  • Opening Date
  • Closing Date
  • ICO Page

Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs

Aug 11th, 2018
Aug 25th, 2018

Fully functioning platform created for integration of blockchain tech. into online gambling projects

Jun 16th, 2018
Aug 31st, 2018


May 28th, 2018
Aug 31st, 2018

We build tools to make blockchain usable for developers & businesses

Jul 25th, 2018
Aug 31st, 2018

The world’s largest cosplay website is creating a protocol that empowers cosplayers to create their own personal token.

Jul 29th, 2018
Sep 1st, 2018

Your answer is an asset

Aug 15th, 2018
Sep 15th, 2018

Creating a key coin for Soccer World

Aug 16th, 2018
Oct 17th, 2018

Verifier is a blockchain based solution that verifies data quickly, accurately, reliably, and securely.

Nov 15th, 2018
Dec 15th, 2018

Cryptocurrency financial ecosystem from A to Z

Nov 15th, 2018
Dec 31st, 2018

Blockchain & energy for a better world

May 1st, 2018
Aug 10th, 2018

The first hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Jul 10th, 2018
Aug 10th, 2018

The eBay Marketplace of Ethereum

Jun 7th, 2018
Aug 7th, 2018

Building smart solutions for online economy

Apr 4th, 2018
Aug 4th, 2018

Driven by Passion. Powered by Liger

Jun 17th, 2018
Aug 1st, 2018
ICO News

This report covers data on ICO market trends of 2018, with special attention given to the analysis of market movements in August 2018, most notably August 6-12, 2018.

Coinspeaker reached Nick Evdokimov, blockchain investment expert and founder of ICO Box, to find out what each investor should pay attention to in a project’s white paper to put the money efficiently.

Monthly ICO Market Analysis [July 2018]

Please, see our report presenting data on ICO market movements in 2018, with strong focus placed on the analysis of market changes over July 2018.

Trading Platform Ruby-x Launches the First and the Last Public Sale for Ruby Tokens

Named after the second most solid gem on Earth, the platform of Ruby-x provides transparency and unbreakable security level for both crypto and technology exchanges.

Weekly Blockchain Industry Report [July 21-27,2018]

Check out the report jointly created by OK Blockchain Capital and Coinspeaker covering main trends of blockchain industry over July 21 – July 27, 2018, with strong focus placed on the market overview, analysis of the newly listed and closed public sales projects, along with topical news on global governmental policies.

Germany’s Second-largest Stock Exchange Boerse Stuttgart to Roll Out Multilateral Trading Venue

Germany’s stock exchange Boerse Stuttgart will create “multilateral regulated trading venue” for cryptocurrencies with safe storage services for digital assets, and develop a new platform for conducting ICOs and trading the tokens on the secondary market.

Philippines Joins the List of Countries Poised to ICO Legal Government

The Philippine SEC has introduced the draft rules on how companies can fundraise via ICO whereas all token are defined as securities by default.