ALAX is the new system for mobile gaming. Bringing better Distribution, Easier Payments, and Integrated User Rewards by utilizing the latest Blockchain Technology. ALAX aims to improve the distribution lifecycle of mobile games and offer a faster, more efficient and secure system to improve the experience for developers, players and distributors alike. ALAX will leverage DECENT's success in launching an innovative and customizable adoption of blockchain technology and Dragonfly's influence as a well-established mobile game distributor to build the biggest global marketplace for mobile games.
Rank 1199
Price $0.0033
Market Capitalization $1 652 538
24 Hours Volume $194
Available Supply 502 909 380 ALX
Total Supply 1 000 000 000 ALX
Change (1 Hour) 5.74%
Change (24 Hours) 0.19%
Change (7 Days) 51.93%
April 12th, 2018

Focusing on emerging markets and ‘unbanked’ consumers, ALAX aims to bring fresh air to the gaming industry and merge mobile game experience with blockchain innovation.