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Investors News

Explore most recent news about professional investors, entrepreneurs, investment funds and major investment projects that drive innovation in finance

Investors News
Explore the most recent news about professional investors, entrepreneurs, investment funds, and major investment projects that drive innovation in finance.

An Investor is a person, business, or group of people who ventures in stocks, funds, commodities, etc. by pledging capitals with the hope of getting profitable financial revenues after a stipulated time.

Professional investors usually evaluate market potentials from a different point of view by adopting the use of several financial tools and models as they aim to maximize their profits while minimizing risks as much as possible. There are two classes of investors, namely retail and institutional investors.
Retail Investors
This class of investors includes individuals that make investments in stocks, commodities, options, etc. on a small scale and usually represented by a sole entity. For example, sweat equity investors involving a party’s influence and input to a project to improve its stake.

Retail investors are often made to pay high market charges and commissions while making trades, this is majorly down to their relatively small purchasing power in the market.
Institutional Investors
Institutional investors invest in stocks, funds, bonds, commodities, and futures on a large scale, they are usually represented by corporate firms, large money managers, conglomerates, business, etc. Institutional investors usually invest on behalf of other entities, they use funds and capitals provided by individuals. Mutual funds and pension plans are good examples of institutional investments as workers earn from the profits made by the companies.
Investors vs Traders
Investors and traders are not the same as they usually have different goals with respect to time. An investor usually puts funding to use for long haul gain, while traders try to acquire momentary gains by purchasing and selling securities repeatedly.

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