Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering, which, in fact, is an evolution of the ICO. IEO is a crowdfunding strategy that relies on an exchange or multiple exchanges, which make the smart contract, event planning, and some marketing campaigns. To find all the information about IEOs, how they work and how to participate in the sale events, please check our IEO Guide and latest IEO News. Meanwhile, here’s the list and all the latest data on the ongoing and upcoming projects, which chose to take the advantage of this innovative fundraising model.

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End Date
Name Launchpad Start Date
End Date

Memecoin (MEME)

Memecoin is the native ecosystem token of Memeland. Memeland is the web3 venture studio by 9GAG, the globally popular meme platform.

Binance Launchpad Oct 28th, 2023
Nov 26th, 2023

Neutron (NTRN)

The most secure CosmWasm platform in Cosmos, Neutron lets smart-contracts leverage bleeding-edge Interchain technology with minimal overhead.

Binance Launchpad Oct 11th, 2023
Oct 30th, 2023


JovJou offers a seamless gateway into the world of real estate. Regardless of surging property prices, they empower you to embark on your investment journey from the cozy confines of your home, bypassing traditional complexities. Say goodbye to the hefty down payments and complex legal processes that have deterred aspiring real estate investors for years. […]

WhiteBIT Oct 3rd, 2023
Oct 16th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Aug 2nd, 2023
Aug 31st, 2023
Binance Launchpad Aug 2nd, 2023
Aug 31st, 2023
P2PB2B Jul 30th, 2023
Aug 14th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Jul 4th, 2023
Jul 28th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Jul 11th, 2023
Jul 18th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Jun 14th, 2023
Jul 8th, 2023
P2PB2B Jun 12th, 2023
Jun 26th, 2023
P2PB2B May 31st, 2023
Jun 9th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Mar 31st, 2023
May 9th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Apr 23rd, 2023
Apr 28th, 2023
Binance Launchpad Mar 17th, 2023
Mar 22nd, 2023
Real Estate Token

Real Estate Token (REST)

Real Estate Token, the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other tokens, is that you do not earn by just trading. With staking income, they can get around 400% annual net income with Real Estate Token or 12% USDT Bonus as USDT per year. In addition, we provide 5-25% discount on 5-star hotels for 10 […]

P2PB2B Jan 16th, 2023
Feb 14th, 2023

Privok (PVK)

Privok Green Energy is the world’s first company to launch green energy & Electric Vehicle charging station tokens in the crypto market

P2PB2B Jan 10th, 2023
Jan 23rd, 2023
Binance Launchpad Nov 24th, 2022
Dec 1st, 2022
WhiteBIT Token

WhiteBIT Token (WBT)

WBT is a utility token, designed as a full-fledged infrastructure product to unite the WhiteBIT ecosystem with new exchange projects created on its basis. The asset is issued in the amount of 400M WBT, with 200M being treasury tokens. This amount is distributed to corresponding funds inside the ecosystem to protect the token from inflation.

WhiteBIT Aug 14th, 2022
Aug 31st, 2022


CRIPCO is an IP 3.0 Hub, which aims to build an NFT ecosystem where everyone can create secondary content and merchandise through NFT utilities. Also, Individuals can conveniently buy and sell NFTs on CRIPCO. CRIPCO is an NFT marketplace and a platform where individuals and companies can provide utilities for their NFTs.

FTX Exchange Jul 8th, 2022
Jul 10th, 2022
Naiad Coin

Naiad Coin (NAIAD)

Our project combines Data Collection, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Blockchain technology with one of the most promising sectors of the next 30 years, the so-called Blue Market – the wide market of water and related industries.

P2PB2B May 10th, 2022
Jul 10th, 2022
Planet NFT

Planet NFT (PNFT)

PlanetNFT is an ecosystem of marketplaces and creative tools that helps artists, brands, and businesses enter the blockchain world and create for the mainstream.

P2PB2B May 25th, 2022
Jun 14th, 2022
Binance Launchpad Mar 2nd, 2022
Mar 9th, 2022
Binance Launchpad Feb 16th, 2022
Feb 21st, 2022
Binance Launchpad Jan 12th, 2022
Jan 20th, 2022
Binance Launchpad Dec 7th, 2021
Dec 14th, 2021

Symbiosis (SIS)

A decentralized multi-chain liquidity enabler. Symbiosis aggregates liquidity across all EVM-compatible blockchains. Swap between any chain with low slippage. Launchpad Dec 1st, 2021
Dec 2nd, 2021


ShopNEXT is a Shop-to-Earn Crypto Onboarding Platform promoted by Binance. They onboard new crypto users by rewarding them with free crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT) when shopping at ShopNEXT partners. In addition, for every shopping transaction, ShopNEXT also rewards users extra NEXT, the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT. Users can sell NEXT on the DEX and […] Launchpad Nov 30th, 2021
Dec 1st, 2021
Unknown Nov 4th, 2021
Nov 26th, 2021
Crystal Technologies

Crystal Technologies (CRYSTAL)

Crystal wallet supports various prominent blockchain platforms and their token standards. This capability enables users to transact and store more than 100K crypto assets and tokens in a private and secure manner.

P2PB2B Nov 21st, 2021
Nov 25th, 2021
Binance Launchpad Nov 6th, 2021
Nov 16th, 2021 Launchpad Nov 12th, 2021
Nov 13th, 2021
Binance Launchpad Oct 14th, 2021
Oct 21st, 2021
ExMarkets LaunchPad Sep 15th, 2021
Sep 30th, 2021

Chatex (CHTX)

Chatex is a simple, secure and accessible cryptobank. Chatex is one of the largest chat app-based p2p exchanges for Telegram. It’s an all-in-one solution to store, send, pay with, and exchange crypto. At the moment Chatex is expanding to aggregate CeFi and DeFi to the masses. By releasing the $CHTX Token, the team plans to […] Launchpad Sep 9th, 2021
Sep 10th, 2021
Binance Launchpad Jul 16th, 2021
Jul 23rd, 2021
P2PB2B Jul 1st, 2021
Jul 11th, 2021
Probit Launchpad Jun 30th, 2021
Jul 4th, 2021
FTX Exchange Jun 29th, 2021
Jun 30th, 2021

QoinIQ (QIQ)

QoinSuit is a revolutionary decentralized multi-exchange order management system that significantly enhances trading efficiency in a powerful and versatile way. Manage your book and execute orders in multiple cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges, with unmatched execution efficiency, culminating in superior trading performance.

Probit Launchpad May 17th, 2021
May 23rd, 2021


APENFT was born with the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on blockchain. We aim to build a bridge between top-notch artists and blockchain, and to support the growth of native crypto NFT artists. Like how blockchain democratizes finance like never before, APENFT, by turning top artists and art pieces into NFTs, not only […]

Huobi Prime May 20th, 2021
May 22nd, 2021
FTX Exchange May 13th, 2021
May 14th, 2021
ExMarkets LaunchPad Apr 19th, 2021
May 10th, 2021
ExMarkets LaunchPad Apr 7th, 2021
May 6th, 2021
Binance Launchpad Mar 31st, 2021
Apr 7th, 2021
P2PB2B Mar 15th, 2021
Mar 30th, 2021


MMAON is creating the biggest and most exciting MMA fans network in the world. The future of Sports is in its digitalization. MMAON is becoming a global hub for MMA.

Probit Launchpad Mar 22nd, 2021
Mar 24th, 2021
ExMarkets LaunchPad Jan 21st, 2021
Mar 4th, 2021
BitMax Launchpad Jan 26th, 2021
Jan 26th, 2021
Probit Launchpad Jan 12th, 2021
Jan 19th, 2021

Ideaology (IDEA)

Ideaology is a blockchain market network, creating a diverse community of people and enterprises connecting with each other and cooperating to bring their projects from the idea stage to full-fledged products on the market.

P2PB2B Dec 1st, 2020
Dec 15th, 2020

Marco (MRC)

Marco is a Mobile App on Blockchain Protocol for the Travel industry.

P2PB2B Oct 26th, 2020
Nov 4th, 2020
Binance Launchpad Oct 26th, 2020
Nov 4th, 2020
Binance Launchpad Oct 13th, 2020
Oct 19th, 2020
ExMarkets LaunchPad Sep 7th, 2020
Oct 8th, 2020
Binance Launchpad Sep 30th, 2020
Oct 8th, 2020

Barter (BRTR)

Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract.

P2PB2B Sep 7th, 2020
Oct 7th, 2020
KFC Coin

KFC Coin (KFC)

KFC Foundation is introducing a new cryptographic token, called KFC, along with an extended version of the KFC coin. Together, the token and extended KFC will create a token-based economy for networking.

P2PB2B Sep 21st, 2020
Oct 1st, 2020
Binance Launchpad Aug 6th, 2020
Aug 14th, 2020
KuCoin Spotlight Jul 23rd, 2020
Jul 30th, 2020


ATTN is a digital e-gaming ecological platform based on blockchain technology and the ultimate system in eSports industry.

OK Jumpstart Jul 29th, 2020
Jul 30th, 2020

EduMetrix (EMC)

EduMetrix is an ecosystem which acts as a growth platform for all the people who are in the sector relating to the academic and educational reforms. At EduMetrix, we provide students with a completely free platform to explore their scholarly interests. EduMetrix disrupt the ‘tire’ that the society impose on the students. The discrimination based […]

P2PB2B Jul 15th, 2020
Jul 30th, 2020
Bintex Futures

Bintex Futures (BNTX)

Bintex Futures is a world-class blockchain company comprised of BintexPay and other cryptocurrency-related functions.

P2PB2B Jul 1st, 2020
Jul 20th, 2020
P2PB2B Jun 20th, 2020
Jul 4th, 2020
Barter Trade

Barter Trade (BRT)

Barter Trade is a revolutionary trading platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to global users through an efficiently designed and user-friendly trading interface.

ExMarkets LaunchPad Jun 25th, 2020
Jul 1st, 2020
Probit Launchpad Jun 22nd, 2020
Jun 28th, 2020
OK Jumpstart Jun 17th, 2020
Jun 17th, 2020
ExMarkets LaunchPad May 4th, 2020
May 31st, 2020


LUKSO is a public, programmable, domain-specific blockchain based on the most advanced smart contract protocol- the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

KuCoin Spotlight May 20th, 2020
May 26th, 2020
OK Jumpstart May 20th, 2020
May 22nd, 2020
Poloniex Launchbase May 5th, 2020
May 6th, 2020
Binance Launchpad Apr 14th, 2020
Apr 22nd, 2020


Innovative company dedicated to the development of the global pan-entertainment industry on blockchain technology.

OK Jumpstart Apr 8th, 2020
Apr 10th, 2020 Launchpad Apr 8th, 2020
Apr 8th, 2020
ExMarkets LaunchPad Mar 24th, 2020
Mar 28th, 2020
ExMarkets LaunchPad Mar 9th, 2020
Mar 15th, 2020
ExMarkets LaunchPad Feb 25th, 2020
Mar 1st, 2020

Dexive (DVX)

Dexive is an Ethereum-based, native token created to support the functions of the Dexive exchange platform.

P2PB2B Mar 12th, 2020
Feb 26th, 2020


HDAO is committed to building an efficient, transparent and reliable DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem, offering a one-stop financial service platform for global users.

OK Jumpstart Feb 25th, 2020
Feb 26th, 2020
Intelligent Hero

Intelligent Hero (HERO)

Intelligent Hero combines the technicalities of blockchain technology with the simplicity of an educative community of professionals with descriptions that cuts across various fields, and industries.

ExMarkets LaunchPad Jan 10th, 2020
Feb 10th, 2020
Binance Launchpad Feb 3rd, 2020
Feb 4th, 2020


SKYBIT aims to apply cutting-edge technologies to Myanmar in order to make a significantly positive difference to the country and the lives of its people.

Probit Launchpad Jan 20th, 2020
Jan 21st, 2020

Pawtocol (UPI)

Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who are disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology while monetizing data about their pets.

Probit Launchpad Dec 27th, 2019
Jan 2nd, 2020
Cocoricos Aug 1st, 2019
Dec 31st, 2019
Carbon Offset Initiative

Carbon Offset Initiative (COI)

Carbon Offset Initiative is a green solution for waste and data traceability in different industrial spheres, using innovative blockchain technology to enhance productivity in collecting, tracking and recycling waste from different sources.

P2PB2B Nov 25th, 2019
Dec 23rd, 2019


MozoX is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase and control foot traffic at offline stores.

Probit Launchpad Dec 2nd, 2019
Dec 9th, 2019
Binance Launchpad Nov 3rd, 2019
Dec 4th, 2019

Kadena (KDA)

Kadena offers the fastest, safest and most scalable hybrid blockchain technology stack for entrepreneurs.

CoinList Nov 5th, 2019
Nov 22nd, 2019


The RAKUN project aims to create a seamless and borderless entertainment ecosystem.

Liquid Nov 18th, 2019
Nov 20th, 2019


ROAD is a business-driven project that develops an effective distributed automobile economic system based on the auto-ledger, an intelligent transportation system built on individual interaction and cluster intelligence.

OK Jumpstart Nov 14th, 2019
Nov 14th, 2019
Bitfinex Nov 6th, 2019
Nov 7th, 2019


SUKU aims to become the universal symbol of truth for consumers and brands, making commerce more transparent and efficient through the power of blockchain.

Liquid Oct 30th, 2019
Nov 7th, 2019

Freelanex (FLXC)

Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain.

P2PB2B Oct 10th, 2019
Oct 24th, 2019
Binance Launchpad Oct 23rd, 2019
Oct 24th, 2019
BitMart Launchpad Oct 23rd, 2019
Oct 23rd, 2019

Super8 (S8)

Super8 is a digital currency that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to make quick, easy and cheap payments at any time without going through a central authority.

P2PB2B Oct 7th, 2019
Oct 22nd, 2019
ExMarkets LaunchPad Oct 2nd, 2019
Oct 20th, 2019
P2PB2B Oct 7th, 2019
Oct 14th, 2019
Coineal Launchpad Oct 9th, 2019
Oct 13th, 2019

Coinship (COSH)

Coinship is a truly decentralized exchange featuring a spot market of 50 major crypto pairs ranked by marketcap and derivatives.

Probit Launchpad Oct 8th, 2019
Oct 12th, 2019

Kuverit (KUV)

The Kuverit platform protects users against financial loss as a result of fraudulent activity through guarantee trading.

Probit Launchpad Oct 10th, 2019
Oct 11th, 2019
Name Launchpad Start Date
End Date

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