Justin Sun Admits $8M HTX Hack, Offers 5% for Return of Stolen Funds’

Cybersecurity News

Stay up to date on the latest news stories, articles and technical coverage on cybersecurity, cybercrime, ransomware, infosec, hacking and much more

Cybersecurity News
Stay up to date on the latest news stories, insights, articles, and technical reports on cybersecurity, malware, cybercrimes, ransomware, information security, social engineering, hacking, crypto-jacking and many more at Coinspeaker.

Cybersecurity involves the protection of confidential data on web linked systems vulnerabilities and cyber theft. Internet-driven businesses employ the use of cybersecurity tools to avoid unauthorized access to their computer and data centers.

Cybercrime remains one of the major threats to businesses and internet investors in the tech space. Every day, we get stories on events of online theft, and going by the predictions of tech experts, the rate of global cybercrimes is expected to get worse in the coming years if drastic measures are not put in place.

Tech giants such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. have invested billions in Cyber Security with the hope of minimizing the rate of cyber-crimes across the globe.

The spread of malicious attacks and internet fraud continues to increase yearly, leaving a ruin of lives and assets in its wake. Luckily, the world has firms such as the ones listed above to fight for it, as the government can only do so much. Therefore, with these cybersecurity companies in existence, one can only hope that the war on cybercrime is won.

The battle to put an end to cybercrimes has been on for some time, and no matter how things may seem today, it would have been worse if not the help of certain cyber security firms.

According to export reports, over $3 trillion was lost worldwide to cybercriminals in 2015 alone, and if no solution is put in place to curb the rate, the stakeholders could be losing up to $6 trillion by 2021.

Cybersecurity news today brings you closer to the tech world by offering cutting edge updates on events relating to cybercrimes and theft.

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