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At Coinspeaker’s Cryptocurrency Calculator and Converter you can easily convert any cryptocurrency into its fiat value, or crypto-to-crypto as well. We offer you last-minute rate conversions of any digital asset in fiat money, whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any crypto in the market. 

The process is simple: to know the value, enter the amount you wish to convert and the results will be displayed immediately in the rectangle next to your crypto. You don’t have to mentally calculate the value of your Bitcoin, which often will take you valuable minutes considering the volatile nature of the crypto-market. The accuracy of Coinspeaker’s Crypto Converter will save you time on that matter.

We present to you several advantages to getting the maximum out of your crypto:

  • Efficiency: Fast, reliable, and last-minute crypto-fiat rates.
  • Knowledge: Learn how cryptos are converted, what they offer to your portfolio, and all the essential to take out the maximum of cryptocurrencies
  • Variety: Not only you can convert the most-dominant currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum — our cryptocurrency converter guarantees you the largest market cap tokens and altcoins in the crypto-market.

Convert the Latest Currencies on the Market

Currently, most crypto-users seek the most dominant currencies in terms of market cap, like BTC or ETH. But altcoins and DeFi tokens have gained a strong reputation recently in the market, with the volume of DeFi projects increasing in January. With our Cryptocurrency Converter, you can easily convert the most popular and latest DeFi-related tokens and altcoins, like Uniswap’s UNI, Aave, Bitcoin Cash, and more.

What Determines the Value of Cryptocurrencies?

There are significant differences between the blockchain-based crypto-ecosystem and the traditional financial model. One difference is the value of cryptos themselves: the value of these assets is not linked to any specific economy. This is one of the advantages of digital assets, but major political events can drastically increase or decrease the demand for cryptocurrencies. 

The value of cryptocurrencies depends solely on the supply and demand of the tokens. Cryptos come directly from blockchain technology, and they do not require a trust, a third party, to back them up, like in central banks. In countries where fiduciary systems rule and banks manage and control the supply of cash needed for a functional economy, economic crises are more likely throughout time.

However, for cryptocurrencies, this is highly unlikely, especially since cryptos are programmed to only issue a fixed supply. For instance, there will only be a fixed Bitcoin supply of 21 million. Value decrease through inflation is practically non-existent. You can also consider several factors that affect the value of cryptocurrencies. Some of them are the volatility of the crypto market, trading volume, greater institutional adoption, major political events, etc.

How Does Cryptocurrency Value Works?

There is not a single price for cryptocurrencies. Some traders buy cryptocurrencies in crypto exchanges or places where the price is lower, and then sell them at the highest price, obtaining a profit on the process. There are less accessible markets as well, where cryptocurrencies can experience relatively higher prices, this is because those prices although higher, serve to satisfy local demand.

For example, Bitcoin’s value surged more than 300% since October 2020, thanks to a broader institutional demand. Other retail traders and institutions jumped in to avoid the famous FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as BTC was turning into a better store of value than any traditional fiat, like the US Dollar. Generally, there will ever be 21 million Bitcoins and about 5 and 7 million are not currently circulating or are lost somewhere.

Besides, it must be taken into account that the creation of Bitcoins follows a specific procedure, and there is a limit to the possibilities of creating these cryptocurrencies.

Get More Involved With Crypto

You can use several platforms to calculate the value of your crypto, but Coinspeaker will not only guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of the latest market movements but we also provide you with all the essential education needed to increase and enhance your knowledge in the crypto-space with our crypto  guides. You can learn how to buy crypto, investing, managing your personal finance with our latest guides.