APIS is a token of masternode mediation platform of the same name. The most modern strategies for building algorithms has been implemented there. Some of aspects are significantly improved and, according to the developers, are “the safest and fastest blockchain protocol”. APIS token is unavailable to unaccredited investors outside the USA.The basis of the algorithm of APIS Token is a 15-year market research of S&P. Market fluctuations depend not only on objective reasons, but also on psychological ones. As a result of the latter, there were often sharp rises and falls of the course. The same can be traced for the cryptocurrency market. Artificial intelligence has analyzed all the reasons for such fluctuations and completely excluded them from the level of the course. As a result, users can get a stable level of income without fear of losing the invested funds. In general, artificial intelligence allows, according to the developers, the maximum benefit on the fluctuations of the course, without losing their investments. The minimum rate of invested funds will remain at the same level, while the overall cryptocurrency rate will continue to grow. A rather tempting offer, as the main deterrent to the growth of the crypto market is some distrust of this tool. In case of Apis Token it is guaranteed that users can make profit without losing their investments. However, this rule applies to primary investors. If the user purchases the APIS Token “at the peak” of its growth, then, of course, in the case of exchange rate fluctuations, financial losses are possible, but the algorithm of artificial intelligence will reduce financial losses and maximize profits. This is the latest strategy that should prove its effectiveness in the market, but Apis Management Capital has high hopes for it and plans that due to the reduction of risks, it will be possible to attract many interested investors to the crypto currency.

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