Bean Cash (Ticker: BEAN) is a re-brand of the digital currency and network, previously known as BitBean (Ticker: BITB). The BitBean block chain and network began nearly 3 years ago on February 13th., 2015. It was the first ‘crypto-currency’ to implement a maximum of 20MB block sizes, based on Gavin Andersen’s proposals to fix Bitcoin’s scalability limitations. BitBean was also the first ‘crypto-currency’ to pioneer the use of static block rewards in a Proof of Bean (PoB) system — which now makes energy wasting PoW (Proof of Work) systems, inefficient, expensive and archaic.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    1 312 461.85

  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply

    3 300 566 000.00

  • Total suplly

    3 300 566 000.00

  • Proof type

  • Algorithm

  • Team Location

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