The Bezant Blockchain is a Service platform providing Content developers and eCommerce merchants a disruptive way to sell to customers: Allow anyone to setup their own Content or eCommerce store and accept most major local payment methods, globally. The BZNT token will serve as the native cryptocurrency and medium of exchange within the Bezant platform which will eliminate expensive Store fees (30%) and provides instant P2P payments to merchants.  Bezant’s goal is to serve as an online end-to-end distribution and payment platform for global buyersand sellers. Therefore, we plan to provide payment solutions to e-commerce markets for goods andservice marketplaces, like Amazon, Taobao, etc., and digital content stores, like Google Play, and otherthird-party app stores. We believe that our strengths are in being able to: 1) Diversify and create anotherdistribution market for digital content and e-commerce, 2) Reduce costs and charges to both customers and merchants by disrupting digital payments; and 3) Provide inclusion to the largest and fastest growingmarket in the world, the emerging markets.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    $3.2 M

  • Volume 24H

    $0.0 K

  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply

    878 398 685

  • Total supply

    999 999 820

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