CampusCoin is a peer-to-peer network utilizing a cryptocurrency to revolutionize the ecosystem at schools worldwide. Simplifying this ecosystem using cryptocurrency can potentially solve a multitude of problems currently prevalent within schools today. The CampusCoin team recognizes two of the largest complications with implementing cryptocurrency on a global level are educating the masses on how to correctly use these cryptocurrencies, as well as the large barrier to entry that they currently face. Specifically targeting students will allow for the education of the ones who will be most greatly affected by the growing transition from fiat currency to digital currency. An easy to use CampusCoin mobile app built for students, schools, and businesses near schools will serve different, unique purposes for each of these parties. Technological advancements such as a sub-ledger system for schools and businesses, ATMs for students, and smart contracts capable of securely storing academic achievement will be implemented to serve unique needs for each. The Campus Ambassador Program as well as CampusCoin sponsored events at schools will be the primary educational marketing tools allowing CampusCoin to spread rapidly. The CampusCoin project will give scholarships, loans and provide educational tools and resources to the students who need it most. The CampusCoin team is developing relationships with institutions to encourage their students and faculty to engage in the research and development of the new ecosystem, as they will be direct beneficiaries of this blockchain powered ecosystem. The potential improvements from utilizing a cryptocurrency within the school ecosystem are abundant.

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