DCORP is a decentralized corporation with the mission to democratize venture capitalism by making it accessible to everyone over the Ethereum blockchain. DCORP is autonomous, decentralized and democratic. DCORP Decentralized has issued the ERC-20 compliant DRPU token. DRPU holders have the ability to influence which projects are supported. DRPU holders may also benefit from discounts on products & services delivered by funded projects and may qualify for airdrops from DCORP’s token partners at DCORP Academy. DRPU token holders have the ability to vote on any proposal to support new projects, that changes business rules, that has a large impact on token holders or that cannot be voted on by board members because of a potential conflict of interest. Token holders can also vote to replace members of the Supervisory Board (SBo). The SBo represents the token holders on low impact governance proposals and performs managerial tasks. DCORP’S Ventures is driven by ideas, proposals and projects of the large community of about 5.000 unique token holders. DCORP also launched the Academy. It’s goal is to inform and educate all members of DCORP and beyond about topics that are and will be relevant to the space DCORP operates in. DCORP Decentralized exists on the (Ethereum) blockchain in the form of a series of smart contracts. The source code of the smart contracts is public and may be reviewed by anyone. Smart-contracts are immutable and will always execute as they were meant to. This allows for trustless interaction with the corporation.

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