Decentralized Asset Trading Platform is a DAPP opensource toolkit built for transactions using third parties with Decentralized P2P networks. So it is possible to exchange safely with the intended seller or buyer without having to go through an exchange with a large withdrawal fee. We are a new innovation project using the ERC-20 platform with the aim of third party transactions using ERC-20. DATP is useful as payment for ERC-20 third party transactions. We are the First Project to use ERC-20 Tokens to make third party transaction payments. This is very useful for transactions. The two main technological advantages of the platform are the crosschain protocol and Ethereum. The crosschain protocol utilises smart contracts implemented on both Ethereum and DATP token. These two blockchains provide two-layer accounting and assets transfer system. The bulk of the computations and transactions are carried out on the DATP token, whereas the final states are written on Ethereum. Instant and low-fee transactions are fuelled by DATP token.

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