Eroscoin (ERO)

The ​​EROS​​ Blockchain​​ (“EROS” )​​is ​​committed​​ to​​ develop ​​a ​​payment ​​solution ​​for ​​the​​ blockchainin dustry​​ different ​​from ​​all ​​cryptocurrencies.​​ It ​​utilizes ​​a​​ value ​​transfer ​​protocol​​ to​​ achieve​​ the transferring ​​of ​​payment ​​on​​ peer-​​to-​​peer ​​basis ​​and ​​to​​ build​​up ​​a​​ decentralized ​​application platform, ​​which​​ brings ​​blockchain ​​technology ​​into ​​the​​ global ​​payment ​​industry, ​​eCommerce industry, ​​financial ​​services,​​ Internet​​ of​​ Things,​​ supply​​ chain ​​management, ​​social​​ media,​​ gaming, Information​​ technology,​​ HR ​​systems,​​ product​​ management ​​and ​​other ​​industries. ​​Innovative technology,​​ comprehensive​​ governance ​​structure​​ and ​​board ​​applications​​ give​​ EROS ​​advantages over ​​Bitcoin​​ and​​ Ethereum​​ as​​ a​​ public​​ blockchain. In ​​addition ​​to ​​that, ​​the ​​payment ​​industry ​​backs ​​the ​​payment​​ ecosystem ​​to ​​fulfill ​​the ​​demands​​ of customers​​ &​​ merchant.​​ There​​ are ​​many​​ payment​​ gateways / merchants​​ in ​​the​​ industry ​​of Blockchain. ​​However,​​ the​​ services ​​of​​ the ​​EROS ​​payment​​ is​​ totally​​ different, ​​unique,​​ secure ​​& better ​​with​​ extra​​ facilities.​​ Extra ​​services ​​of​​ EROS ​​includes​​ payment ​​gateway​​ services, ​​P2P​​ chat, In-chat​​ payment​​ facility, ​​merchant​​ payment​​ solutions, ​​invoicing​​ management,​​ product management,​​ order​​ management ​​&​​ product​​ support ​​tools as ​​well. The​​ foundation ​​will​​ provide ​​transparency ​​for ​​payments ​​management,​​ financial​​ management, code​​ management ​​and ​​business ​​practices​​ for​ ​merchants,​​ and ​​will​​ maintain ​​high ​​standards ​​of honesty, ​​ethical​​ business​​ conduct​​ and​​ compliance ​​with ​​applicable ​​laws, ​​rules, ​​and​​regulations​​ for the ​​users. ​​An ​​accounting ​​firm ​​has ​​been ​​engaged ​​to ​​provide ​​financial ​​report​​ audit​​ and​​ compliance management​​ services.
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Price $0.0042
Market Capitalization $776 388
24 Hours Volume $500
Available Supply 186 744 000 ERO
Total Supply 240 000 000 ERO
Change (1 Hour) 6.45%
Change (24 Hours) -1.49%
Change (7 Days) -25.44%
Eroscoin News
EROSCOIN Platform: Multicryptocurrency Payment Gateway ICO
September 29th, 2017

EROSCOIN will make international transactions easier, helping the global financial system become more efficient.

Blockchain Revolution: EROSCOIN Foundation Announces Global Payment Solution
August 28th, 2017

EROSCOIN, the cryptocurrency platform aiming for a large-scale revolution in payment systems announces ICO starting October 11, 2017.