Ethereum Monero (EXMR) is the official token of Gateway & Merchants tools. Which means that the system to list each Token or Coin will be for the purchase of EXMR points, Another added value is that the payments received by merchants online or in local stores in EXMR they will have 0 rates, just the cost of the transfer what we know as the gas rate. EXMR is a token of ERC-20, we call it the new Monero. EXMR is based on the interface of the blockchain from Ethereum, intended to serve the same purpose of the previous Monero, but a fast and secure way. Users can now have a new experience with EXMR as Monero, but the best replacement for the original, when more people trying to discover our EXMR has a cheaper transaction in transaction cost and with more privacy in the ecosystem of Ethereum, this becomes a fascinating experience, making the user prefer to use instead of Monero EXMR. Our growing community is changing to Ethereum technology, because this is one of the best platforms that maintain a constant technological advancement, offering every day more privacy, speed, and safety in their transactions, the advantage of getting a Crypto EXMR currency by having your complete control of your transactions, this makes immediately EXMR digital insufficiently active. This intelligent Ethereum, accompanied by ETHEREUM MONERO (EXMR) contract, which aims to encourage online purchases through the main crypto coins, sees a great future for EXMR making it one of the most extraordinary cryptos by its utility. EXMR Get Crypto Payments project will offer the possibility that people can buy goods and services in online stores, as well as physically. The entire community involved in the world of the crypto coins were in need of a digital asset as since EXMR which can now purchase items online if cost, pay for goods and services, etc. ETHEREUM MONERO (EXMR) is important to note that it is not controlled by a central organization. There is not a single agent with power modify rules of the shareholders or the economy of the currency, but something that operates under a consensus in every movement. This document presents the philosophical basis, the technical bases and economic mechanisms of EXMR.

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