HEAT Ledger is a self-appointed “Gen 3.0” cryptocurrency platform focusing on resolving the two most pressing pitfalls of the existing 2.0 and 1.0 cryptocurrency server software solutions; Low transaction rate throughput and the burden of hosting large blockchain files on any single p2p node Like the HEAT software itself, this document is work in progress that will be amended and expanded as the project evolves. V1.0 is designed to deliver a reasonably complete, quasi-technical treatise on the basic elements of the initial HEAT system available at the time of genesis block in September 2016. HEAT is in part inspired by open source NXT1 as it uses the time proven Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm but tuned up for 25-second blocks2 . Feature wise, many parts of the HEAT service offering and middleware solutions are based on those originally developed for FIMK3 . On other parts the HEAT core is fully rewritten in Java, making it optimally suited for custom financial business applications by providing microsecond latency (up to 15-30 million writes per second), vastly increased vertical scalability, and superior failover resiliency when compared to legacy datasystems.
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HEAT Ledger has Announced the Release of their Ethereum Heatwallet
June 5th, 2018

Scalable HEAT crypto platform and decentralized token exchange company Heat Ledger has announced the release of their Ethereum Heatwallet.

The Decentralised Conglomerate Launches HEAT – Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding 3.0 Platform to Support Startups
July 12th, 2016

OpenLedger is offering an array of blockchain based services to provide entrepreneurs with much-needed access to funds and skills essential for their success. After a pre-ICO presale of Blockchain 3.0 platform HEAT to dedicated supporters of the OpenLedger foundation of ecosystems like OBITS, BTSR and ICOO, HEAT will now begin their official ICO.