I/O Digital is an ongoing open source blockchain ecosystem project currently being developed by a team of blockchain and security experts. In July 2014 I/O Digital launched I/O Coin (IOC) without any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or pre-mine. IOC was a fair launched via mining, using a sophisticated cryptographic hash in Proof of Work (POW) X11 algorithm, before switching to Proof of Stake (POS I/O) to secure the blockchain. IOC has focus on security, global adoption and scalability. I/O Coin is a digital currency released in early July of 2014. After the initial mining period “Proof Of Work” phase there were approximately 16 million coins minted. Just like any currency (Dollar, Euro) I/O Coin has a real world value. This value is based on the latest trades on digital currency exchanges. You also earn interest on the coins you hold in your wallet, by allowing them to ‘stake’, Staking helps secure the network. In turn, users are rewarded with a small unit of a coin for the length of time the wallet is open and staking. We have a highly skilled team of developers, who have created our own Proof of Stake system ‘PoS I/O, HTML5 wallets, DIONS decentralized usernames allowing to send coins easily via a registered username and Android Mobile wallet with a Point of Sale feature, not seen with any other digital currency.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    $40.3 M

  • Volume 24H

    $61.9 K

  • Circulating supply


  • Total supply

    22 000 000

  • First announced