The Kolionovo Ecosystem project is aimed at creation and a large-scale testing of the model of the local economy and raising funds for the development of real production of agricultural goods and services. The KOLION token is based on the Waves blockchain and is used as the main currency in the ecosystem. The project is focused on securing non-fiat funds (cryptocurrency) for the development of a range of physical products and the provision of services in the territory of the village KOLIONOVO in the Moscow region in the segment of ecotourism and agribusiness. Investment in the project should not be considered as a high-yielding tool for speculative transactions, but rather as a tool of crowdfunding and attracting additional non-fiat funds in the development of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem. A farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov is the chief initiator, inspirer and founder of the project. He has prepared a Manifesto as part of the ICO. The KOLIONOVO ecosystem should be understood in this project as a system of local production and local consumption. It is an ecosystem of a new breed with decentralized but direct participation of any person. A new type of crypto-commodity relations is being established around and inside it. These relations are characterized by freedom, trust, mutual aid, self-organization and self-sufficiency. The form of the organization structure of the enterprises in the ecosystem is private and cooperative; it is based on the principles of openness and transparency. Each of the ecosystem participants is endowed with privileges in acquisition of products and getting services from the enterprises in the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.

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