MIRAI Coin (MRI) is a Proof of Stake, Masternode coin based on the further development of xGOx coin. MIRAI is aiming to gain a place amongst the worlds top cryptocurrencies through the development of an interactive website and payment platform. It is a ‘Peer to Peer’ Electronic Asset Protocol that will be deployed throughout the internet. The MIRAI protocol is entirely decentralised with no central banks’ interaction required and no other trusted third parties to operate or confirm any transactions made on its blockchain. With the Hypersend feature, MIRAI is capable of near instantaneous transactions. MIRAI was launched by the team as a voluntary swap. xGOx holders had the option to keep xGOx or swap to MIRAI, an advanced cryptocurrency with masternode capabilities designed to future-proof the coin. The initial premine of 1,500,000 coins were solely offered to XGOX holders to voluntarily swap xGOx to MIRAI. The remaining MIRAI premine of 1,200,000 was burned after the swap was completed.

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