PascalCoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency that pioneers a new tier of scalability comparable to the VISA network. PascalCoin paves the path towards “Infinite Scalability​“ and a new form of decentralised application coined “Monetized API’s”​. Version 2 of Pascal Coin addresses shortcomings in Version 1’s account distribution model and delivers the key feature of Checkpointing​ (among other improvements). The addition of Checkpointing into PascalCoin now delivers the promise of true ​”Deletable Blockchains“​ .​ The blockchain in Pascal Coin V2 is now permanently deletable from the Network itself​ without affecting Proof-of-Work validation for new nodes. This means new nodes can join the network without the need to download the infinite history of blocks. Instead, they download the latest Checkpoint​ and a few dozen latest blocks in order to fully synchronize with the provably most-work-chain. This paves the path towards, what this paper coins, “Infinite Scaling”​.

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