Photon is a Cryptocurrency using the Blake 256 Algorithm. It is a new project designed to function well now and with future technology in mind. Photon is the second coin to use this unique design (modeled after Blake Coin) and may be mergemined in a pool with Blake Coin or other Blake 256 coins in the future. Photon(PHO) is an open source, multi-platform cryptocurrency, created and released in 2014 by Cinnamon Carter and BlueDragon747. It is a well-established coin operating on a stable network. It can be “Merge Mined” with the multi-crypto BlakeStream “6-coin family” consisting of: Photon, Blakecoin, BlakeBitcoin, Electron, Universal Molecule and Lithium. This group of coins utilizes blockchain technology to enhance user experience in the video gaming industry, including but not limited to: storage, security and transfer of funds between game titles and platforms for developers, publishers and gamers. Photon integrates with, enhances, and bridges the important gap between gaming and the new, untapped, underutilized world of cryptocurrency. The facilitation of micro-payments using cryptocurrency within the game and across the entire platform is Photon’s primary use case.

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Coin’s Details

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  • Volume 24H


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