Proton Network is the first public chain for digital marketing. The Proton network will be the eco-system consists of service providers in advertising industry, advertisers and end users who use Proton’s API or products, and will utilize the Proton Token as a medium of exchange to facilitate all transactions for services in the Proton network, so that all users of the Proton network can deal efficiently with each other by means of a unified form of exchangeValue Definition & VisionProton provides a low-cost UID system solution and and an effective incentive mechanism to website operators and applications developers through blockchain technology. All parties can share data, confident it will be managed in a trustworthy way. Everyone will realize more gains from the precision targeting, sites will be properly credited for bringing users, users will be paid for their data and advertisers will get superb information.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization


  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

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