REMME is an open source distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of DApps, enabling passwordless authentication for humans and devices. REM is an ERC20 utility token that powers all operations within the ecosystem and serves as a digital key for gaining access to REMME PKI (d) protocol and DApps. The goal of the REMME high-end secure system is to help organizations like infrastructure companies, IoT, medtech, financial and [Suspicious link removed]panies protect sensitive data. It is a distributed Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) management technology built on top of the X.509 certificate standard that uses SSL to protect the entire channel from an attack. REMME does not save the certificate’s data on the blockchain at the initial point. A revocation of the certificate has to be carried out by publishing a secret revocation message, which is signed by a private key of the network blockchain address. According to this approach, user does not need to wait for few confirmations, the certificate will be valid immediately after creating a transaction. The system can be used with a number of different blockchains (Bitcoin, Emercoin, Ethereum, etc.) and sidechains (Rootstock, Exonum, etc.) by company’s choice. The two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security ensuring that only the owner of the account can access it, even if the private SSL certificate key has been compromised. The choice of technology for the second factor depends on the characteristics of the system, which is protected by REMME technology.

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    $3.6 M

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    $0.0 K

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    1 000 000 000

  • Total supply

    1 000 000 000

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