SHIELD is a new privacy and speed focused cryptocurrency. It isn’t an ICO or preminend. SHIELD will be POW for around the first year. We’re working on a PoS system that is fair for all and won’t have a gigantic inflation, to give our coin a real future. In order to create “quantum-proof” peer to peer addresses, the SHIELD protocol will replace ECDS with Lamport, Winternitz or BLISS signatures. To facilitate the continual development of the SHIELD protocol, as well as other projects specified in this document, SHIELD will be subject to a self-supporting development cycle. The SHIELD currency will further distinguish itself with the implementation of a custom PoS scheme (PoS Boo) operating on a network of Masternodes, the activation of these masternodes will also enable enhanced transaction capabilities such as PrivateSend and InstantSend.

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