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DAO.Casino Announces the Alpha Release of Its Decentralized Casino Platform and Smart Contract Backed Dice Game

April 6th, 2017 at 8:11 pm UTC · 5 min read

Ethereum-based decentralized casino platform, DAO.Casino announces the release of its new front-end platform and a provably fair dice game. The blockchain project, which expresses a business logic to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming industry, has till now focused on developing and testing applications in the backend. For the first-time DAO.Casino is introducing an alpha-platform that will enable players to discover games while developers find players.

When the DAO.Casino browser window is opened, users are greeted by a simple web-based interface designed specifically to cater to both non-technical and technical users alike. The platform’s interface doesn’t require the users to understand the technical specifics. Instead, they can just rely on the premium quality service provided by the decentralized casino platform which includes higher payouts, a huge variety of games from indie developers and a lot more.

DAO.Casino’s CEO Ilya Tarutov, explaining the intentions of the development team said,

“That’s why the DAO.Casino core team, apart from working on the smart contracts/incentive mechanism layer, is releasing a front-end platform. To keep the ball rolling, we are also working on games: both in-house and developed by partner teams.”

DAO.Casino’s decentralized casino platform is integrated with Ethereum testnet, and comes with a small amount of test ether. Mainnet players are advised to wait until the soon to be completed, fully functioning vault is implemented. To deliver an alpha version with minimal dependencies for users, DAO.Casino uses ‘Infura’ for the Ethereum node and a centrally hosted front-end. Consequent releases will use decentralized front-end hosting and standalone applications to interact with the system.

DAO.Casino’s decentralized casino and gaming ecosystem presently offer few selected titles. But eventually, it will be releasing a significant number of popular titles which are currently being worked upon by the concerned teams. DAO.Casino has so far received a great response for its unique ‘Hack DAO’ (Special for EDCON) title and the new ‘Dice Game’ release, which was only recently included in the alpha release platform. The upcoming, most awaited games include Roulette, Bingo, Slots, Craps and many Card-based games.

While the new titles are still in the test phase, DAO.Casino is already ensuring that their outcomes remain provably fair. The blockchain-based casino platform has released the programming code which identifies the random number generation technique to ensure a provably fair gaming experience for all members. The team continues to work on further improving the fairness of the games, and it is planning to move to a more advanced algorithm known as “Magic Spell” which will provide unpredictable results for the new Dice Game.

The Architect of DAO.Casino platform, Konstantin Lomashuk stated,

“To take things to the next level, we are working both in-house and with Ethereum developer communities to create an RNG solution which would be scalable and suitable for a new kind of gambling industry.”

Dice Game

The very first title on the decentralized casino platform, “Dice Game” is probably the simplest of all the games available on any of the online cryptocurrency casino and gambling sites. The player is presented with a “seed key” as soon as they open the game. The generated seed is the only way one can access the player’s in-game wallet, ensuring high levels of security. Once the seed key is copied, the user can visit the game on any browser, anywhere in the world and enter the key to access the account and start placing the bets from where it was left off.

Upon entering the Dice Game on DAO.Casino platform, the user is presented with two sets of slider bars; one to adjust the bet amount and another to alter the winning probability. The probability of winning is inversely proportional to the payouts (i.e., if a user sets the probability to highest, payouts will considerably reduce for that roll). The player, after making the necessary adjustments can hit the “Roll Dice” button and hope to get lucky.

The DAO.Casino Dice Game is currently available on testnet and players can get a feel of the platform by making use of 1 test ETH credit to place bets. The Dice Game’s relevant transaction and smart contract addresses are readily available on the main page itself, ensuring transparency during each step.

Try the new Dice Game on the decentralized casino platform here.

As DAO.Casino’s Ethereum blockchain-backed decentralized casino ecosystem evolves, so does the growing list of gaming titles, features and technical advances to the Ethereum fueled platform. The popular Dice Game’s addition, coupled with the platform’s advancements in provably fair gaming makes betting on DAO.Casino more attractive to players and crypto-enthusiasts alike.

About DAO.Casino:

DAO.Casino is an open ecosystem for betting titles that don’t require a trusted third party. It is a decentralized governance system built on Ethereum that automatically rewards all developers, auditors and community members for their contributions. Players can discover and play scam-free games by accessing front end platforms with a familiar and straightforward user interface.

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