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Dao.Casino Implements Equally Unpredictable Randomness on their Ethereum Protocol for Online Gambling

June 7th, 2017 at 9:13 am UTC · 2 min read

Dao.Casino, the creators of an Ethereum based protocol for the online gambling industry, introduces equally unpredictable randomness to their system. Achieving equally unpredictable pseudorandom number generation (PRNG) is essential to provably fair gambling, but developing algorithms that can accomplish this is no easy task.

For the past year, Dao.Casino’s team has been researching and testing existing pseudorandom number generation (PRNG) methods on Ethereum.

The reason this technique is called PRNG is because randomness is derived from a mathematical algorithm, called pseudorandomness, yet pseudorandomness can be sophisticated enough. True randomness is correctly referred to as “TRNG” and is derived from a naturally occurring physical phenomenon, i.e. radioactive decay of isotopes, static in the airwaves, and the waves of the sea.

One challenge Dao.Casino faces in developing PRNG methods is that their Ethereum-powered system of smart contracts depends on deterministic processing (as any Ethereum-powered system), and determinism and randomness are opposing forces. Even if a developer claims their number is random, it is difficult to prove that to other users without giving away the algorithm.

Dao.Casino outlines their requirements for PRNG methods in their recently released white paper. Their system of smart contracts incentivises developers to provide PRNGs by rewarding contributions with BET-protocol token, Dao.Casino’s in-game currency. All PRNGs must be decentralized and fast. Already, Dao.Casino has implemented methods that provide equally unpredictable pseudorandom values in seconds for two-party games, and the team is developing a method that will work for multiplayer games.

Dao.Casino is committed to tackling the challenges of discovering effective PRNG methods despite the hurdle of Ethereum’s deterministic system, because Dao.Casino’s priority is to bring increased transparency and fairness to the online gambling industry. The decentralized consensus system of Ethereum is the best network for accomplishing that feat.

About Dao.Casino

Dao.Casino is an Ethereum-powered protocol for the online gambling industry that uses a system of smart contracts to bring increased transparency to the online gambling value chain and supports games that are fair by design.


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