Hankotrade Review: Hankotrade’s Comprehensive Assessment

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Hankotrade Review: Hankotrade’s Comprehensive Assessment
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Hankotrade provides a diverse range of account choices, along with highly competitive trading costs and affordable fee rates.

Established in 2018, Hankotrade is a brokerage based in Dubai, UAE that has been experiencing rapid growth. The broker strives to deliver a contemporary and profitable trading atmosphere catering to diverse traders.

It provides access to a myriad of financial assets and 3 accounts to decide from. Hankotrade also boasts fast order execution, low fees, and highly competitive trading spreads, providing its customers with excellent trading conditions

Our objective for today’s Hankotrade review is to thoroughly scrutinize its offerings and determine its suitability for investors and traders in the market.

Hankotrade’s Account Offerings

Traders can select from 3 distinct account types with individualized fee structures and specific deposit prerequisites. It gives a trader the flexibility to select a suitable account that perfectly aligns with his trading requirements.

Safeguard Against Account Deficits

Hankotrade stands out from other brokerages by offering negative balance protection to all account holders, regardless of investment prerequisites. This valuable feature protects traders against possible financial damages that surpass their account balance.

Amplify Your Trading Potential with Generous Leverage Ratio

The substantial leverage ratio of 1:500 across all accounts enables a trader to manage larger trading positions and potentially amplify his gains.

Accepted Deposit Modes

Hankotrade solely allows cryptocurrency as a payment method for depositing funds, with no other payment methods currently available.

Withdrawal Processing Time

The brokerage strives to process withdrawal requests swiftly and aims to complete them within a few hours or a maximum of 24 hours, demonstrating its commitment to delivering quality services.

How Hankotrade Rewards Traders: Trade Bonus Program and Referral Commission

Trade Bonus

Hankotrade has recently launched a trade bonus program whereby the brokerage firm will provide an incentive equal to the trader’s initial deposit, credited directly into their trading account. As an illustration, should a trader deposit, Hankotrade will add an extra to the trading account, culminating in a total balance of

Referral Commission Program

Hankotrade has unveiled an Introducing Forex Broker Referral Commission program, which rewards current traders for referring new clients to the brokerage. Comprehensive information on the program’s eligibility criteria and other relevant details can be found on the Hankotrade website, specifically under the Partnership section.

Trading Terminals

Hankotrade enables traders to access the industry’s 2 extensively used trading terminals-MT4 and MT5. The former, MetaTrader4 or MT4, is an established terminal that enjoys the admiration of traders. This is mainly due to its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge charting features, and automatic trading capabilities. MT4 also supports expert advisors to allow algorithmic traders to perform trades based on preset rules.

In contrast, MetaTrader5 or MT5, the newer variant, offers more advanced features, including analytical capabilities, sophisticated order types, and enhanced charting tools. Additionally, MT5 has a built-in economic calendar and enables trading a wider range of asset classes, including stocks and futures.

Hence, traders can choose between 2 robust platforms catering to their distinct trading styles and preferences.

Hankotrade Review: The Bottom Line

Hankotrade provides a diverse range of account choices, along with highly competitive trading costs and affordable fee rates, that makes it a compelling alternative for traders at any expertise level, particularly those searching for cost-effective trading options when commencing their trading journey.

If you’re interested in Hankotrade’s services, you can start with as little as $10 to open an STP account and become acquainted with the platform without risking substantial funds. This will enable you to determine whether Hankotrade’s services are in line with your trading objectives and requirements.

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